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Thread: Another TFP success story! (99%)

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    Another TFP success story! (99%)

    First off, I just want to thank you and everybody at TFP. In march I bought a nice house with an in-ground 26,000gal pool.
    I was so excited and happy. Then we had the pool installation company open the pool. . .

    They dumped in 8 gallons of shock and they left. We shortly found ourselves at the pool store 5 minutes away. $380 later the pool was pretty clear for the first 2 weeks. After that, I was in the pool store dropping $100+ a week ever since. I've spent thousands - with only a few clear water days to show for it. Then I realized that my sand filter needed replacement.

    After 12 days of 90+ temps in Illinois, with no pump running waiting for the new Hayward to show up the pool turned into a green/brown swamp. That's when I found TFP and took control of my pool. I ordered the t-100 test kit and life is good!

    Once I installed everything and plumbed it, it only took 54 gallons to get the pool blue again! Almost as blue as it has ever been. It's cloudy but blue. I followed the shocking instructions and ended up dumping in 55 gallons of shock in 24 hours.

    My readings (ppm) are now. Keep in mind it's been 3 days now and I'm still adding chlorine to keep FC high. I can almost see to the bottom of the shallow end.

    PH = 7.5
    FC = 11
    CC = 2
    ALK = 180
    CH = 350
    CYA = 25

    I'm currently adding some more CYA, I'm going to try to keep it around 40.

    My question is, why is there foam floating on the surface? It comes and goes? It was clear at 8am this morning. So I tested the water and my FC was down to 7ppm so I added 3 gal. I'm trying to keep my FC around 11-12ppm. As soon as I added the chlorine it started to foam. Then it almost went away added more chlorine and boom - more foam.

    I did have 2 small leaks where the pipes threaded into the filter, about 1 drip every 20 seconds. That has been corrected now.
    My wife and I were planning on letting the FC taper down over night and go swimming tomorrow if the foam is gone again.
    Then shock it up to 15-20ppm FC afterwards.

    Any ideas? What do you think of my plan?
    2004 - 36'x18' 26000 Gallons - IG-vinyl, Hayward 244t sand filter=300lbs, Jandy HP plus 1-1/2hp pump, Jandy LX-400L heater, Jandy AquaPure1400 Chlorine Generator (salt), Polaris 480 robot

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    Re: Another TFP success story! (99%)

    I suspect the foam is from the assorted pool store products that were added. Algaecides, clarifiers, ect. Once those are all burned up by the chlorine, you shouldn't get that anymore.
    23,000 gallon in ground pool with rock waterfall and spillover spa, Aqualink control system, Polaris 380 cleaner, Purex Triton Clean&Clear Plus cartridge filter. Located in The Woodlands, Texas.

    Pool owner since Nov 2008, Trouble Free since April 2009. Happy to help when I can.

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    Re: Another TFP success story! (99%)

    16K freeform gunite with spa; Pentair 4000 DE filter; Century Whisperflow 1 HP; Pentair Minimax heater.
    Troublefree does not mean Maintenancefree. It's like brushing your teeth: You can spend a couple minutes a day and pennies a week or go to the dentist once a year and spend several thousand dollars.
    A pool is like a pet - you have to feed it every day, even the days you don't want to play with it!

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    Re: Another TFP success story! (99%)

    "Splash-free" bleach could also cause the foam.
    33k Gallon IG Freeform Gunite built in 1989 - Renovated Spring 2012 with Diamondbrite Plaster and elevated spa converted to waterfall
    Jandy Aqualink PDA Automation & Control System - Jandy PlusHP 1.5hp Full rated Pump - Hayward 36in Sand Filter - Jandy Aquapure 1400 SWCG
    TF100 Test Kit

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