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Thread: 16x48 intex ultra pool sand underneath

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    16x48 intex ultra pool sand underneath

    So here is my concern im lost. we dug out our area where the new pool is going to go. Our yard is like a 15-20degree "u" shape on both sides of the "u". we dug out to the lowest area and just filled in with 4 tons of sand yesterday. I was wondering:
    1.) we have a ~12" drop on 2 sides of the pool, what should I do to prevent the dirt from dropping in?

    On the other side of the pool I have a drop off a little like 1-2" out of the diameter of my pool. im planning on putting a 6"x6"x8' anchored into the ground to prevent the sand from shifting downwards.
    The last side is 1-2" down from the grass, im thinking is need to do something with diverting the water else its going to wash into the pool from the side. Thoughts?

    2.) I called intex today to ask them and they said they dont recommend me to put masonary sand underneeth the pool due to it shifting. Im like WTH: I am at a loss b/c everywhere I read it states to do so. I am planning to put patio blocks under each leg, is the sand going to be an issue? or should I dig it out?


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    Re: 16x48 intex ultra pool sand underneath

    Hi, I can't really visuallize your set up. Could you take a few pictures and post them here? It will help us get a better idea how to advise you.
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    Re: 16x48 intex ultra pool sand underneath

    Finally up I decided to just go ahead with the sand, on the low end side away from the sand I put compost to try to brace it incase of water build up. It rained on sat and I noticed that water did somewhat just sit on top of the dirt etc. On the end of one of the 6x6x8 posts there is a 2" gap where the water was draining out of.

    Here is some pictures.
    What I was trying to say is the 3 sides all slope downward into the pool area somewhat. The last side I put a 6"x6"x8' planks in the ground with 2' stakes in them, as you can see by the pump/filter I used left over grass to put on the outside of the planks, with dirt on the inside.

    Question I still need to answer is what things can I do to divert the water that wouldnt be alot more work and wouldnt be an eye sore was thinking of putting edging but no way to brace it unless we put something to hold it back (not too fond of really though)

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    Re: 16x48 intex ultra pool sand underneath

    filter side the low side of pool
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