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Thread: Filling up the Pool - Start up Questions and Concerns

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    Filling up the Pool - Start up Questions and Concerns

    Okay so I just put up my pool and i have a couple of questions and concerns...

    1-Concern 1 i just realized from a lot of others pics and post that i put up my pool without any stones or bricks to put under the legs of the pools... I am now super scared and wonders if I should take all the water out risk putting holes in the pool to try and put something firm under the legs... i did level it out pretty darn good so i hope thats going to be good enough for tight now...Oh gosh

    2- I've filled up the pool halfway and stopped but will continue today or tomorrow. Today i will go to the swimming pool supply store and buy the necessary chemicals (or should I) as per the list in the other post. i am sort of over whelmed with what i need for the first fill.
    - Do you shock the water the first time after its just been filled?
    - AFter filling do I just pour chemicals, run pump wait theeeeennnnn test water to see where I am at?

    3- It seems in TFP i should not trust the Pool store workers (which I wont) but should i just listen this first store visit to make sure i buy whats necessary the first time filling up the pool? Is there a list here of what to buy the first time and how much I tried searching and i can't find, or maybe im just hungry and losing my mind a little.

    4- From reading I am confident i will invest in another pump for my 4000 gal pool... Any suggestions without breaking the pockets.. I would like to redo my bathroom as a gift to mom after this gift to kids

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    Re: Filling up the Pool - Start up Questions and Concerns

    This is one method to start:

    Really the easiest method is to test your fill water for pH, TA, and CH to see where you stand and then add the separate chemicals that only adjust 1 thing (dichlor can be a little confusing).

    Then you will just have to add stabilizer/conditioner (CYA) and chlorine/bleach (FC) to start.

    You may also need either muriatic acid to lower pH ... OR ... washing soda or borax to raise pH. Depends on where your pH starts.

    If the TA is low, you will need to add baking soda to raise it.

    That is it. Likely you can ignore CH completely if it is low enough (which it will be unless you add cal-hypo).

    Regarding the legs ... from the stories we have see, it would likely be best to get some pavers / boards under the legs now before you fill it all the way ... better now to drain a half pool that a full pool later.

    Read this to see how to add each chemical:
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    Re: Filling up the Pool - Start up Questions and Concerns

    OKOK i got it simple. Fill Pool Test water then add whats needed! makes sense!

    I will get back with readings i tried using the calculator and i was confused but then i guess i need reading first, right duhhhh!!

    at the thouht of putting pavers down now!!

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