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Thread: Explain buying liquid chlorine to me...

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    Explain buying liquid chlorine to me...

    I've bought everything... LOL. and read all the "where/how to buy chlorine" threads here...

    I've bought the 6% stuff (5.xx%) at Home Depot (6 in a case)
    I've bought the 10% stuff (10.xx%) at Home Depot (4 in a case)
    I've bought the 6% stuff (6.xx%) at Sam's/Walmart (182oz. 3 bottles in case)
    I've even bought (and returned!) the 3% **** from Big Lots (or whatever that store is called) ($1.50 a bottle)

    I just went to my local pool store and they have 10.25% in the 2.5 yellow pails for $4.98.
    So that's 320 oz. for $4.98 which is $.0155625 per ounce.

    The 10.xx% stuff at home depot is $13.xx a for 4 gal. 512 oz. which, even if it was only $13.00 comes out to $.02539 and ounce...

    So... what am I missing?

    My only concern is if the pool stores can be trusted. I tend to not be very trusting that I'm getting what a person says I'm getting, but then again, it is easy enough to test, no?

    Let's hear it!
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    Re: Explain buying liquid chlorine to me...

    Go for the pool store stuff. They can't (or shouldn't) mislabel the product, and probably have more turnover than home depot, ensuring a fresher product.
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    Re: Explain buying liquid chlorine to me...

    I buy somewhat based on price and somewhat on convenience.

    This is my local pricing, yours may vary

    So for me, $15 at the pool sore is less expensive than the others. That being said, if I am at WM and need some, I will buy whatever is on the shelf while I am there. Sometime the laundry aisle is empty, sometimes Toys and Garden are both empty. If all are empty, HD is next door for me. Unless I am laready there for a honey do. Besides... it's only 30 cents per gallon different if you equalize the CL. I can't drive too far and "save" 30 cents considering my gas.
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