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Thread: Pool Installers in NJ?

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    Pool Installers in NJ?


    I am a former above-ground pool owner in NJ. The pool came with the house, but it was pretty old and only lasted a few summers for us - it ultimately caved in. I will NEVER get another above-ground pool again! They might be "affordable," but they just don't seem very sturdy to me, even the pricier ones. Needless to say, we are looking into inground pool possibilities...but we don't want to spend a ton of money on this.

    After doing some research, I have become a HUGE fan of the DIY steel inground pool kits. I believe these kits are likely the very same quality that pool companies use in their 25-30K "pool packages." (Why should we pay a huge "cut" to them?!) We aren't looking to cut corners, but we are looking to save money. We want to make sure the pool is installed correctly, so we would still want a "professional" to do that work. Therefore, I am wondering if any of you may know of any services that would handle such work - basically, I am wondering if there are pool installation services where ONLY labor charges would be paid to them (we would be supplying all of the actual pool materials - the pool kit - to them).

    Your help/advice will be appreciated! =)

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    Re: Pool Installers in NJ?

    The following represents only my own personal feelings on this subject and not those of this site.

    Do you bring you own steak to Outback and ask them to serve it? Of course not.

    In ground installers don't make a "HUGE" profit. There is a lot of work that goes into getting an in ground pool. There is also a lot of competition.

    Not listed in order or necessarily complete but consider that:

    Not every excavator can dig a pool.
    Spoils from the dig need to be removed.
    Inspections need to be scheduled and coordinated.
    The correct permits need to be pulled.
    The walls and bracings need to be ordered and installed.
    The liner needs to be installed.
    The floor and hopper are hand crafted.
    Plumbing, electrical, and masonry need be done.
    They've done this before. You haven't. You want it done right?
    How much time do you have available?

    Many pool pros won't install something they didn't sell. I am one of them. If you were to add up the costs involved, I can guarantee it will be more than what a PB quoted. Qualified subs will charge you more than they would a PB. The PB will bring them more work while you are a one time deal. I can also guarantee you won't have everything and that will create delays and cost overruns.

    It not easy. If it was, Grandma would be doing it. Do PBs earn any profits made on a job. Yes they do.

    Do I sound harsh? Probably, but it is the reality of it. If you weren't told up front though, you really would be in a creek without a paddle and headed towards rapids and waterfalls. I am happy to help for most things pool related. This is not one of them as I feel it isn't in your interests based on my years of experience. I am a pretty selfless person by nature. If I can help you keep from shooting yourself in the foot, I will.

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