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Thread: Spray Deck / Kool Deck Premature cracks?

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    Spray Deck / Kool Deck Premature cracks?

    Pool concrete deck approx 1200 sq ft. (4" thick slab, 3/8" rebar on 18" centers).
    Surface is coated with the drag texture "spray deck" and sealer.

    ITEM #1
    Within one week hairline surface cracks have appeared; 5 cracks that run the approx 3' to 7' long.
    I know slab surface cracks are virutally unavoidable.
    Depending on weather, soil conditions, and construction workmanship slab substrate cracks can vary.
    However, it seems extremely premature to see the coating cracks this early after construction.
    Could the spray deck installation have been incorrect?

    ITEM #2
    A small area of the deck has a negative drain direction into the pool.
    PB wants to add more spray deck to build up the height. He will need approx 2" of thickness to add; is this an appropriate solution?
    (I though spray thickness should not exceed approx 3/4".)

    Thanks in Advance!
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    Re: Spray Deck / Kool Deck Premature cracks?

    Spray deck coatings should not crack when new. I could understand if it or chips appeared 5 years from now.

    The improper slope's slab needs to be repoured. That would likely lead to the entire spray deck needing to be redone to get one color. Spray decks are colored. Colorants are made in batches. No two batches are exactly the same.

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