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Thread: Not producing chlorine unless I run Boost

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    Not producing chlorine unless I run Boost

    I have a DIG220 and SC-60 that are 2.75 years old. I'm having lots of scaling and it's not producing chlorine unless I run Boost. Can't see any wear on cell blades.
    I was running at level 1 but just increased to Level 2 power yesterday. No blinking light. Voltage was 18-20 and amps were 4.5-5.6 when power level was 1. Now that I've increased to 2, reading is 20V 6.5 Amps. Ph may be a little high - just have strips and looks like it may be around 8. chlorine is really high today since I ran it on Boost after increasing power level to 2. Salt reading is 3400 ppm and temp read is 86 degrees.

    What exactly should the voltage and amps be?

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    Re: AutoPilot SC-60 low chlorine output?

    Georgia134, scaling is most likely due to water chemistry imbalance (such as high pH). Please go through this site and read up on Saturation Index to ensure your water is balanced. This should prevent further scaling conditions.
    The normal voltage to the cell is 21 - 26 volts. The higher the salt level, the lower the voltage will be. The older the cell, lower the salt level, or build up of scale on the cell, the higher the voltage...and can climb up to 29 -30 volts, before the amperage will drop.
    Also, cold water conditions increase voltage.
    If you have other questions, you should probably start a new post, as this original post was back from 2008.
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    Re: AutoPilot SC-60 low chlorine output?

    Thanks Poolsean, on Friday my SI was .2, my pH was a little high (7.8) but I've put some muriatic acid in and backwashed a few times so had to add water, thus, my salt is down to 3200. The volt/amps seem to be staying at 20v 6.5 amps. Will check and see if scaling is still forming and take water for testing today.

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