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Thread: Intex hose nuts

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    Intex hose nuts

    Since Intex basically sells every part but the split nuts or hose nuts, I was trying to figure out a way to hard plumb the pool and not have to sacrifice my hoses. I finally got a 2650 sand filter, and boy I am glad I did. What a huge difference it makes and I can actually vacuum the dirt off of the bottom, what a concept. Anyway, I want to keep at least one set of hoses as a backup in case my sand filter would go kaput and i could easily swap in the crappy 1500gpm pump that came with the pool as a backup.

    For kicks I did try to use a 2" FPT PVC adapter instead of the intex nut and box adapter idea that others came up with on this board, and while it started to screw onto the intex fittings easily giving me hope......... it started tightening up too early and I just couldn't screw it on far enough for my liking and was worried about leaks.

    A couple of thoughts I had in creating my own hose nuts, the solid drain outlet cover (part 11131 @ $1.54/ea) obviously fits the intex fittings and my idea is to dremmel out a hole in the solid cover to fit the Cantex/Carlon box adapter. But, then I discovered that the filter housing nut (part 11261 @ $1.57/ea) on the 2650 that attaches the filter to the pump already has what appears to be a 1-1/2 inch hole in it. The hole would have to be dremmeled every so slightly to account for the thickness of the Cantex/Carlon box adapter thickness and whala your own intex nut. These may work as is if someone would decide to use 1-1/4" PVC instead of 1-1/2" PVC. I have not tried this modification yet since I do not have any extra filter housing nuts on hand. When I get around to hard plumbing the sand filter to the salt water I may give this idea a whirl. Just thought I'd share in the event someone else is also trying to rig things. Post here if you end up trying this idea, I'd love to know if it worked.
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    Re: Intex hose nuts

    Several postings here talk about how to make Intex to PVC adapters. They glue in a modified Carlon part with the numbers on the face sanded smooth and any side lugs sanded off.

    I also see many people adding secondary returns with a Hayward return fitting installed into a new hole cut into the liner. The then use standard PVC fittings and pipe and only adapt near the pump/filter.
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    Re: Intex hose nuts

    My pool came with 2 plunger valves, and my 2650 pump/sand filter came with 2 also. All of these had the split type nuts on them and I used them for all of my adapters. Still have all of my plunger valves and flex hoses. Nothing sacrificed.
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    Re: Intex hose nuts

    Yes, I used the Cantex/Carlon box adapters with the split plunger nuts. Have 4 split nuts total, 2 from the original plungers and 2 additional split nuts that came in the 2650 filter package. With a seperate salt water system you then need 2 additional nuts to hard plumb from the sand filter tank to the saltwater and 2 additional nuts from the filter pump to the sand tank, making 4 additional nuts needed. Have 2 original pool hoses, one original hose for the saltwater to connect to the original pump and got 2 new hoses from the 2650 package plus the shortie hose in the 2650 package. Will have to sacrifice 2 hoses to get the 4 additional nuts to hard plumb everything. I know I already have the extra hoses and can sacrifice them, just thought idea for the the 2650 filter housing nut may be useful to all of the do it yourselfers on the board that may need extra nuts or somehow goof one of the split nuts up and want to replace one fairly cheaply, esp since you can't get the split nuts individually from the intex store. Just another option for the super modders out there.
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    Re: Intex hose nuts

    Ahh... gotcha. Didn't notice at first that you had the separate salt water system. I have the all in one combo unit. I also didn't hard pipe the short run between the pump and filter. I just left the little shorty flex hose there.

    Intex Ultra Frame AGP 16'x48" 5,061 Gal with SWG 2500 GPH pump Cartridge filter

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    Re: Intex hose nuts


    $1.69 each ?? just not sure if there threaded or not
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