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Thread: High Chlorine Yikes!

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    High Chlorine Yikes!

    Please forgive me but I am an amatuer and homeowner with a 20' x 40' in ground pool in the NY area. I've taken my water to be tested at a reliable pool store and for 10 years I have successfully kept the pool properly balanced. Since I have a heater this is watched very carefully. For the past two weeks I've been getting high free chlorine readings in the pool. All other readings are normal. I've tested at the store and myself. Following the store's recommendation I shut down the chlorinator down for a few days then ran at a very low level. They also had me dechlorinate with chemical treatment. None of that worked. After that I tried filling the pool, which was at a lower level water than usual, with hose water. I realize the tap water has chlorine but in the past this has dropped normal levels to low. It's also rained a bit. The water still reads high chlorine - more purple on AquaChek than the highest level. The funny thing is the water does not smell like chlorine. And we have never had high chlorine in ten years. We've always had normal or low chlorine (which was easily corrected with the pool store recommendations). I guess I'm looking for reasons why this is sustained so long. Is my neighbor dumping chlorine at night? I'm joking. I have great neighbors. But I can't figure it out and the pool store is scratching their heads. Any thoughts?

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    Re: High Chlorine Yikes!

    What is your CYA?
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    Re: High Chlorine Yikes!


    High free chlorine (FC) does not make the pool smell. It is the combined chlorine (CC) ... bad stuff ... that smells.

    So am I to assume you you exclusively use pucks in your pool?

    We need to know more facts (actual test data) not just "high" "good" etc, to start to figure out what is going on.
    See: pool-school/read_before_you_post

    Also, if you start reading thread here, you will quickly see that we believe test strips are absolutely worthless and that drop based test are far superior.

    Have you seen and read Pool School (button at the upper right)? Lot of great info in there to increase your understanding of your pool's chemistry.

    Hearing that you use a chlorinator, I am fearful of what CYA you are going to report ... although if it is strip based (or even pool store tested ... some also use strips and a magic computer to read the colors) it can hardly be believed.
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    Re: High Chlorine Yikes!

    I would bet that your chlorine isn't actually high. Do you happen to know your CYA level?

    I suggest that you read Pool School (at top right of every page here, white button). It'll give you an idea of what we do here, which is nothing like you're used to. Most of your question's answers revolve around changing the way you think about chlorinating, and the chemicals you put into the pool. If you're ready and willing, we can help you understand your pool and take control of it. Your pool store won't make any more money off of you though... Hope your sister's best friend's brother doesn't work there :~}
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    Re: High Chlorine Yikes!

    Not sure if serious...
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    Re: High Chlorine Yikes!

    Sorry for my lack of response. I appreciate your kindness. I have a heavy duty work schedule. I tested on my own the other day using strips and everything was normal. Then I turned the chlorinator back to midway and ran filter normally for last few days. We had a ton of rain which usually lowers the chlorine. Just had a moment to test today and its off the charts high again. I will take your advice and read pool school. Then I will get back to you. Again thank you.

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    Re: High Chlorine Yikes!

    You're using test strips.

    There's at least an even chance your FC isn't that high, and also that's it's not even high enough for your CYA level. pool-school/pool_test_kit_comparison
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