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Thread: Which Intex Filter?

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    Which Intex Filter?

    I ordered the 18'x48" round Intex Ultra Frame pool. I plan on going with one of the intex sand/salt filters. What's the best one to get for my size? The 14inch or 16inch? I've read that an overpowered filter isn't good. I'd like to save a few bucks and get the 14inch, but if I should get the 16inch I will.

    Also, what are the benefits of getting the "all in one" salt/sand filter seen here: ... 681eg.html

    As opposed to just getting the sand filter and adding the saltwater system seen here: ... 4601e.html

    Would make sense to me to have it all in one. I assume the separate saltwater system is to add to a system that only has a sand filter?

    I'm assuming the salt water is the way to go from what I've read. Less maintenance which in my eyes, is a good thing.
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    Re: Which Intex Filter?

    Okay, I have an intex pool and on the advise of Jason Lion on this forum, I purchased my pump/filter as a separate entity from the SWG. His reasoning and I think he is a very wise man, was that if one component dies (heaven forbid) you won't lose the whole shebang. If it is an all-in-one, pump/filter/SWG and say your SWG dies, it would be VERY difficult to replace just that part. However, if you have the pump/filter as one component and the SWG separately, you'd be ahead of the game if one part bites the dust.

    He and others also advised me to get the BIGGEST sand filter I could afford. They also suggested that for the pump, to get for my 26' round pool, a 3/4 hp 2 speed pump. With the 2 speeds, you can run on the lower of the two speeds and save on your electric bill. I don't know what size would be advisable for your pool but I'm sure someone on here will know which way to steer you.

    Also, as I understand it, you can use a SWG with a cartridge filter. Not only for a sand filter.
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    Re: Which Intex Filter?

    Egads! The combo machine is nearly $600???? For a smaller footprint? yikes...

    If you've got the room just get the system separated. And don't buy from Intex. Yeowwwch, while I don't care much for walmart... the sand filter and 1600gph pump combo is $169. The SWG is $155. The 1600gph model should work great on your pool. It's plenty and then some for my 15'x48" Intex.

    In all honesty, the SWG isn't that much less maintenance. It's neat... and generates chlorine. Uh... ok. So can I with my little measuring cup and two minutes of my time.

    I've recently switched to a SWG after 2 full seasons of BBB and I am not entirely sure putting bleach in every night was really so tough. I wouldn't have bought the SWG but the sand filter came with it last summer in a sweet walmart deal so I figured why not ($169 plus $50 in walmart dough on a card). I would have to say however, I would be disappointed if I'd paid full price. A large pool that needed gallons of bleach a day... that's different. My pool and yours needs only a few cups of bleach a day. Unless you're just itching to spend some more money and think daily dosing is a lot to ask of a person, maybe pass on the SWG.

    The sand filter however is incredibly awesome. Very happy about that.

    I think that the grass doesn't like the salt water either. I know my begonias don't. Not to mention all the rust that has sprung up on the metal poles.
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