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Thread: sequestering agent?

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    sequestering agent?

    When starting up a new plaster pool, the "pool school" section says to add some sequestering agent. So I did.. but is there any way to test to see if it's needed on a monthly basis? I'm all for preventative maintenance, but I'd rather not toss $35 a month into my pool if there aren't any metals to begin with.

    Also, I've also noticed that other than a few instances, there's really not that much info in "pool school" on sequestering agents. It's taken me forever to figure out what it is and what the active ingredients are so I can see if the stuff on the shelf called "Scale Free" or "metal out" or "Magenta stuff" or.......??? is the sequestant that I was told I needed. Maybe one of the site administrators could update the "Definitions & abbreviations" section and the "Recommended Pool Chemicals" section.
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    Re: sequestering agent?

    If you're filling from a municipal water supply and not a well, you probably won't have a metal problem and won't need sequestrant. You'd know if you have metals in your water, you'd have stains in the toilet tank, and below any dripping faucets.
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    Re: sequestering agent?

    My PB came by to do the final punch list and pick up his last check this past Saturday. As we were finishing up, he said my pool water looked "fantastic! Clear and sparkly!" He then said something to the effect of "my pool startup guy has got you on the right track - which pool store are you using?". I mumbled something about a local one down the road, and he said "Leslie's will do you right". I said okay - while giggling on the inside.

    As a parting comment he also said this: "since you're on a well, you're gonna need some sequestrant - Leslie's can tell you what kind and how much"

    My pool fill water runs through a water softener, and I have no indications in the house or anywhere else that I have high levels of metals. Should I just forget he said that, or do I need to start testing for metals?
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    Re: sequestering agent?

    If your fill water runs through the softener you don't have to worry about it.
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    Re: sequestering agent?

    ^However, my fill water (with 2 ppm iron) runs through my water softener and still has .5 ppm iron left in it after processing.

    Soooo...if you can get an iron test kit from an aquarium store and test your fill source, I'd suggest that .5 ppm or more is worth sequestering, based on my current experience. Jack's Pink Stuff seems to corral the iron a little better than others - my pool seems to need about 16 oz. a week. Not cheap, I know.

    That said, my toilet will stain slightly with standing water over about a week -- if yours doesn't at all, perhaps no iron is getting through your softener.

    If any is, you can also attach a micro filter on the end of the hose to further avoid metal contamination.
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    Re: sequestering agent?

    Quote Originally Posted by Swampwoman

    I'd suggest that .5 ppm or more is worth sequestering, based on my current experience. .
    Same with my experience. Anything above 0.4 ppm can be too high. I used to use Jack's, but found the HTH metal out at walmart is just as effective and it's about 10 bucks a bottle.
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