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    Hello All
    total new to the pool thing, and we have the intex 12x36 ultra frame pool with the stock pump and the intex skimmer (got the skimmer for 20.00 at big lots sale yesterday).
    My pool is all setup with only a 3/4 inch difference in height. We feel not to bad on the first try for the season (and yea up here in maine it is short). But I do have a few concerns though.

    1. the pool ladder and how durable the liner is where it sits inside the pool?
    and is there something to aide in protecting it from wear.

    2. testing of the water Right now i just have the hth test strips and chemicals (filled pool with city water)

    3. Skimmer top just floats at the water level with not much water flow in it when pump is running?

    4 skimmer's main body is there like a recommended depth it should be sitting in the water??

    Hicksville, NY
    1950 Gallon Summer Escape 12' x 36" Round
    Above Ground Vinyl Pool
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    Re: New Owner

    Welcome to TFP.

    1. They are ladder mats available but most people don't put anything and haven't reported any problems. You could also use a bath tub mat.

    2. If you filled the pool with chlorinated public water you should be adding about 3 ppm FC per day until you get some CYA in there.

    3. That's normal for that small pump.

    4. I'm not familiar enough with them to comment.
    Dave J. TFP Moderator
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    Re: New Owner

    Ok thanks
    So I would then think the pump is to small then? and from what I have been reading from other post it is, But it should be good enough I hope for this year and next year/winter upgrade it then
    Hicksville, NY
    1950 Gallon Summer Escape 12' x 36" Round
    Above Ground Vinyl Pool
    Intex Krystal Clear 1,600 Gallon Sand Filter

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    Re: New Owner

    Welcome to tfp, merebel

    Yeah the pumps that come with the small intex's are pretty poor. Make sure you clean the filter whenever the flow goes noticeably down and it should work for you.
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