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Thread: Leak question?

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    Leak question?

    Someone asked a question in another topic "if there water loss diminishes a little as the water level drops." They found their leak so I decided to start a new topic.

    This is exactly what my pool is doing. First 1/2" to 3/4" goes pretty fast and then the rate slows down. I have let it drop to where it is almost at a stop and cannot find any tears in the vinyl liner at the water line. Ive gone into detail in another post the steps I've taken to eliminate the skimmer, returns, suction line and light cord conduit. I'm down the the vinyl liner and cannot find any tears.

    Why would it matter if the leak slows down a little as the water level drops? Can I pinpoint it to something else? Does this mean its in the liner? I've asked this question to other people in the pool business and cannot get an answer.


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    Re: Leak question?

    It doesn't really matter that it slows down as it gets closer to the leak point. It would be normal for it to do that just due to the hydraulic pressure of the weight of the water above where the leak is. The lowest spot that it leaks down to (accounting for evaporation) is most likely going to be at the level of the leak. Keep in mind that the leak could be in the main drain line outside the pool if you don't seal it off in the pool. Also, the leak could be lower than the final level, if it sealed off once the pressure from the water got low enough. That's highly unlikely, but I wanted to mention it because it is possible.
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    Re: Leak question?

    my leak acted the same way. one inch over night, then less and less etc. It was a return in the fiberglass step( the gasket) i would eliminate everything else before i dig though
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    Re: Leak question?

    When water pressure around the pool equalizes with the water in the pool the leak will slow down. The exception to that is if you have a tile to daylight or a sump pump pulling ground water away from the pool
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