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Thread: White Particles and Milky Water

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    White Particles and Milky Water

    OK I know you pros have heard this many times before but this one is kicking my butt. I came across a similar thread here small-white-particles-that-turns-the-pool-miky-t13969-40.html from years ago and thought maybe you could help me.

    I have a 6500 gallon above ground Intex pool with a salt generator and two filters and pumps on it. (I know, but we thought we were going to move.) Anyway I've put one of these up every year and have gotten pretty good at maintaining them, but this issue just won't go away.

    We live in Texas where the heat is just demonic, so I normally run the salt generator about 4 hours a night which gives me a 4+ ppm chlorine reading in the morning. Then it bleeds off all day until it's down to about 1ppm by dark. I was also adding a capful of Pool Perfect PhosFree once a week just for maintenance. Until about a week ago the water was PERFECT and CRYSTAL CLEAR. Then I decided to take water sample in after a rain just to check things. I went into one of the local pool stores. I won't mention any names, but their initials are Leslie's. They told me that the phosphates were at 3.0 and I needed to use the regular PhosFree to get them down, not the Pool Perfect PhosFree I normally use. So they sold me a bottle and told me to pour half of it in the pool. After that I noticed the water looking a little cloudy and using a flashlight at night I could see suspended white particles in the water. I went back to Leslie's and they told me to add some UltraBright clarifier and since the phosphates were now at a 2, I needed to add the other half of the bottle of PhosFree. After that the pool looked like a tank of skim milk.

    Since then they've had me add enough UltraBright for 3 pools, Pool First Aid which is another clarifier, some non-chlorine shock, and I'm adding Fiber Clear to the skimmer which is a white powder that coats the filters to try and get them to catch more particles. However the pool is still so cloudy you can't see underwater.

    I have attached the test results from the first visit before we added all the chemicals. I'll go tomorrow and get a current set of numbers. Please tell me there is a solution for this.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Re: White Particles and Milky Water

    Please tell me there is a solution for this.
    There is. The first step is to get a test kit in your possession that is accurate and will give you the numbers you need and stay out of the pool store. You are simply wasting your money.

    Their test results may or may not be remotely accurate but just keep reading through this forum about pool store testing. If you want good pool water, you must manage it yourself.
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    Re: White Particles and Milky Water

    I go up there because they don't charge for testing. I can quit taking their suggestions, but for now I need to know what to do about my current problem. How do I get this cleared up?

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    Re: White Particles and Milky Water

    Chances are that it will clear up given time. What type filters do you have? If they're intex it can take a while.
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    Re: White Particles and Milky Water

    Quote Originally Posted by Bama Rambler
    Chances are that it will clear up given time. What type filters do you have? If they're intex it can take a while.
    Thanks for the reply.

    They're like an Intex that I got at Leslie's. Until recently they carried a really heavy one that had gray ends, but now they only carry the light weight one. If you know of a brand name I should look for I'll give that a try. I have the two pumps/filters daisy chained in series so I double filter the water.

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