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Thread: pipe slip seal?

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    pipe slip seal?

    my permanent cemented slip fitting for a union join on my underground pipe is leaking air into the system

    I dont want to break it off or saw it off to replace it since its an underground pipe the risk it to high because of the cement slab around it

    what should i use to seal the edges of the pipe?

    duct tape does not work. I dont want to use toxic glue, I used super glue tape and it works but since its in direct contact with the elements it gets brittle quickly

    the soil under the slab is slow eroding and the slab is dropping slowly over the years so the pump no longer sit flat on the plastic base for it to screw into .. I assume this is causing the fracture in the cemented slip pipe. Not a cheap fix but i need something to keep the air out untill i can get the erosion fixed.
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    Re: pipe slip seal?

    Use silicon sealer (lots of it), if you can keep the joint dry for a while.
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    Re: pipe slip seal?

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    Re: pipe slip seal?

    Getting it right is the best idea, but everyone should haver a roll of this stuff around the house (and in the car): ... escue+tape

    It's called silicon rescue tape and it will seal anything! I developed a leak at one of the joints last year during the season and didn't want to take it apart during the swim season to fix it so I wrapped this around it and sealed it tight. Been a year now and it is still air tight and I've never bothered to replace the joint. They say you can wrap it around a hot, broken radiator hose or a leaking copper water pipe and it will seal right up - Awesome stuff!
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    Re: pipe slip seal?

    I've been told that the next smaller PVC size will fit in to the larger size, working just like a slip joint. It's like the OD of a 3/4" PVC pipe is almost (but just slightly smaller) the same as the ID of a 1" PVC pipe. Easy-peasy slip joint.

    Now, I'm no expert, so maybe somebody who knows what they're talking about can chime in.

    I think, though, if this relationship is correct, you may not have as big a pipe problem as you thought.

    Good luck!
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