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Thread: Helping neighbor

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    Helping neighbor

    Thanks so much for having such great information online for new pool owners. Our family installed an above ground pool this spring and things are going very well thanks to all of your help.

    I am hoping to get some help from you experts regarding my neighbor's pool. I agreed to help out as she is sick and will be down for 4+ weeks. She had a very difficult time opening the pool this year after it was not cleaned/opened last summer. As it had no cover, it was dark green and filled with leaves. After removing the leaves (well almost all), algae and bacteria, she finally got it almost right but has been too sick to finish getting things right.

    Here's the information I have. She has an above ground round pool with approximately 20,000 gallons. She has a new Pentair 1 1/2 hp pump and a sand filter (she has the sand alternative in the filter). She has a newish Hayward automatic chlorinator.

    I took a sample of the water to the local pool store. Here were the results:
    Total Chlorine 0.1
    Free Chlorine 0.1
    pH 6.6
    Total Alkalinity 40
    Calcium Hardness 300
    Stablilizer 0

    My husband is right now tackling the cleaning of the pool. There was some "stuff" along the bottom that looked like dirt with maybe a few leaf remnants (very few). The water actually looks pretty clear, but reeks of a heavy chlorine smell. He is vacuuming it thoroughly. The pool store suggested that then he should shock the pool (4lbs.) and brush down the sides and bottom of the entire pool interior. Then they recommended he add 1/2 bottle algaecide. I am asking for your help because it seems that everything they have told her to do (amounting in hundreds of dollars of chemicals) has been ineffective.

    Once again, thanks for the awesome site.

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    Re: Helping neighbor

    Welcome to the forum

    First you need to get the Ph up to at least 7.2. then stabilizer to about 30. Then shock per POOL SCHOOL.
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    Re: Helping neighbor

    Borax to raise pH (Unless she already has some Soda Ash by whatever name in a fancy pool store bucket). (Pool Calculator can do the math)

    Measure out enough stabilizer to raise CYA to 30ish (Pool Calculator can do the math) tie it in a sock and hang it in front of the return jet. She may have some leftovers of that from last season somewhere, too.

    Then commence the shock process. It's gonna use a whole lot of bleach, but since you've seen what the pool store wants, you will probably be pleased at the final cost.

    The whole thing goes so much better if you have your own, proper, test kit. Pool School has an article. Or skip the reading, go to and order a TF100 with the XL option - since you're clearing a swamp AND testing two pools.
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