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Thread: Newbie to this board

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    Newbie to this board

    Left board due to heavy handed moderators
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    Re: Newbie to this board


    Welcome to TFP

    EDIT: My post below was based on oldcarkook's original post. He had an interesting pool design that included side walls built at an outward angle of 27% as a defense against the expansion of freezing water (much like the sidewall angle of many ice trays where the distance between the sidewalls is greater at the top of the tray than at the bottom). The premise of this design was that the expanding freezing water would take the path of least resistance and rise into the extra volume between sidewalls as you go towards the top edge of the pool as opposed to exerting too much pressure against the side walls as on a common vertical sidewall design.

    Also had a common interest in classic vehicles.

    Interesting & educational post. Was considering having a pool installed at our former house, including those pop-up cleaners on the pool floor. Much more difficult and $ to get at plumbing under the pool vs return lines on the wall. Really glad we did not do that and instead opted for a house with a pool in good working order.

    Also appreciate your interest in older vehicles. Not a big fan of all the electronics in newer cars. I can understand some electronic controls for anti-lock brakes and engine controls for EFI (which admittedly makes newer cars easier to start than carbureted engines). However all the other non-essential electronics are a turn-off. Case in point: Recently took car to dealer for transmission fluid change. While waiting for it, I killed some time looking at the new models. One model had 24 computers, many of which remained active when the car was off (which drains battery). Salesman said if the car was not going to be driven or more than 7 days that it needed to be plugged in to an outlet to keep battery charged (this was not a hybrid either)! Seriously, 24 computers? Is this car designed to go to Mars? Most people use their vehicles for commuting to work, running errands, and the occasional road trip. Do we really need 24 computers for that? All that stuff looks great in the showroom but when they break (and they will, usually with no warning), your looking at big $ to fix. Will take knobs and slide levers to control cabin temperature over electronic touch screens any day.
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    Re: Newbie to this board

    That's a great story. With that size of pool, it takes a lot of chlorine every day assuming it's in full sun. Are you keeping the CYA level higher trying to keep chlorine usage down? I have a 16,000 gallon pool and have a mostly opaque pool cover on it when not in use so I only use somewhat less than 1 ppm FC per day while most full sun pools are at 2-3 ppm FC per day. That's a lot of 5 gallon carboys to haul for your pool. 2 ppm FC per day in 62,000 gallons would be almost 8 gallons per week of 12.5% chlorinating liquid. Perhaps the greater depth has CYA shield the chlorine better so may not be at 2 ppm FC per day. Let us know -- it's a very interesting pool!
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