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Thread: How long to run edge pump vs main pump?

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    How long to run edge pump vs main pump?

    Good afternoon! I just bought a house that has a 19 X 23 pool with an infinity edge. The system has two pumps - one that handles the single skimmer/main drain, and then the edge pump. I have read about the length of time to run the main pump. Are there special considerations for the edge pump run times - or, do you just run it for a fraction of the time, given that it has far less water to circulate? Certainly if there is a lot of swimming and thrashing then running the edge pump probably keeps the automatic water leveler from draining too much - so maybe turn on while swimmers are in there.

    Just measured, and the basin beyond the edge is about 3 X 3 X 19 in dimension. This is a saltwater pool, as well, should point that out.

    But as a baseline run time for the edge pump to set on the timer - run it less? same as the main pump run cycle? Just trying to optimize a little bit the utility side of things here!

    Thanks so much,,,,
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    Re: How long to run edge pump vs main pump?

    Typically, negative edge (infinity edge) pools have their water levellers measuring the water level in the catch basin.

    If that's the case here, you should run the edge pump once a day for an hour or so (assuming it's not splashing out).

    It's really not important when you run it.
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    Re: How long to run edge pump vs main pump?

    +1 for what Qwaxalot said.

    You only need to run the edge pump a little, unless of course you are really fond of how it looks when it is running
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    Re: How long to run edge pump vs main pump?

    Set your edge pump to run several times a day for short periods. In the summer your pool can evaporate 1/4" to 3/4" of water in 24 hrs. Now think about the surface area of the pool (437 sq ft)compared to the basin (9 sq ft). Your leveler in the basin must make up 49 times the amount of evaporation in 24 hrs to maintain the pool level.

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