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Thread: Want to start BBB Method, Need Help w/ Best Place to Start

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    Want to start BBB Method, Need Help w/ Best Place to Start

    Hello all,

    I've owned my pool for about 2.5 years now. In that time I've replaced the pump, replaced the cartridge filters, drained, cleaned pop ups heads, etc. I've gotten to be pretty familiar with the pool but as of late I have struggled to maintain an appropriate level of FC. I've fallen for the advice that the pool store employees have offered and it's cost me a lot of money with not much to show. I discovered this site about 2 weeks ago and want to give the BBB method a go! I've purchased a TF-100 and just conducted my first test. My readings are as follows:

    FC 0
    CC 0?
    CYA 140?
    PH 7.3-7.4
    TA 160
    Phosphates: 900
    Total dissolved solids: 1700
    Water temp: 93

    Now, before starting the process of BBB it seems as if it would be best to resolve my CYA issue first by draining 60% of my pool, please confirm that this is the best approach and should be done first.

    After this is done, what should be my next step? Is there a certain order of procedures that would be ideal to follow?

    Also, a few weeks ago I had a bout with what I thought was mustard algae. The pool people sold me copper algaecide and I've used that. Haven't really seen much regrowth but I don't know if the metals in the pool might be an issue. Also, I've had trouble controlling my phosphate levels. I've went through several expensive bottles of Phosfree over the past few weeks and my phosphates have only increased!

    Thanks in advance for your help - this site is great btw!
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    Re: Want to start BBB Method, Need Help w/ Best Place to Sta

    First off, welcome to TFP!

    Second, I'm so sorry that you spent money on phosphate remover. From now on, you should forget about phosphates. Many people here have high phosphates and nary an issue. It's not phosphates that is causing your problems.

    You do need to drain, but you actually need to drain nearly 2/3 of your pool, or closer to 70% so that you're at around 40ppm CYA. Use the pool calculator (see my sig) to get a true percentage, but bear in mind that the CYA test becomes inaccurate over 100ppm so it could be 140, or it might not be. After you drain enough to get below 100ppm CYA and re-test, you'll have a better idea of how much there is left to drain.

    Once you get your CYA to a manageable level of somewhere between 40-60ppm (your location is sunny and hot, so 60 might work for you) you'll need chlorine. How much? Well, without your own test kit, you don't really know. So, to answer your question, the next step is to get your own test kit. We recommend the TF100 from It's the best deal around.

    So, your steps are to drain the pool and refill, go to walmart and buy a LOT of bleach. Read Pool School, understand how CYA affects your chlorine, get a proper test kit, get some chlorine into the pool (around 5ppm) and run your own tests.

    Your water chemistry will change when you drain and refill so you can effectively throw out the numbers from the pool store now. They won't apply after you're done draining.
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    Don't waste time and energy looking for a better value on test kits, the TF100 is the best deal around. I did the looking and spent the extra money, but you don't have to make the same mistake. Just go here: TFTestkits. I use Pool Calculator for min/max, and shocking chlorine levels.

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    Re: Want to start BBB Method, Need Help w/ Best Place to Sta

    Endless Nameless, you have done great so far by purchasing and testing your own water. You are well on your way to taking your pool back. You have it right that you have to drain first to get the CYA under control. As frogabog said drain some and test again, repeat until you get to between 40 - 60 ppm. Then start the shock process which can be found in the pool school above. While you are shocking read as much as you can in the pool school. It will not take long and you will feel comfortable with your pool. I don't go to the pool store much, just to get a CYA, parts for my Polaris 360 and some toys from time to time. They certainly do NOT test my water, I do all of that. I have not had algae in my pool and have not shocked it in over two years. I have a test kit for Phosphates that I bought over a year ago just to see how much I had out of curiosity. It is pretty high and I have never done anything about it. Forget phosphates from now on, if you maintain the proper level of chlorine in the water you will never have an issue with phosphates. Phosphates is just algae food, if there is no algae to eat the food then phosphates is no problem.

    The BBB method works great once you get the hang of it.
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    How to shock your pool

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    Re: Want to start BBB Method, Need Help w/ Best Place to Sta

    Thank you for the help!

    Frogabog I actually already have a TF-100 and will be closely following the shock guide found on this site while testing frequently

    I have a question that is slighly off topic. I have a calcium ring that has formed around the water line, I was hoping I can use some CLR to scrub this off while the water level is down. Is this okay to do or should I remove all water from the pool before doing this?
    9500 Gallons, IG, Pebble, Cartridge filters, 1.5 HP Pump, Built 2005 - Peoria, AZ

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