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Thread: Can't seem to get 3" chlorine tabs to keep enough CL

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    Can't seem to get 3" chlorine tabs to keep enough CL

    Hey everybody .... I was given a brand new bucket of 3" chlorine tabs and I want to use them (and save my $$) - the floating little dolphine thing doesn't seem to be enough to keep the CL levels up. I really don't want to put the big tablets in the skimmer basket, as I have little ones that I don't want playing with them. Any suggestions on how to utilize these free tablets to get enough CL in my pool?

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    Re: Can't seem to get 3" chlorine tabs to keep enough CL

    Without a full set of test results for your pool, it is difficult to recommend using the Tablets due to their high CYA content. You may only save money now, but cost yourself much more later. If using them turns out to be appropriate, a simpler floater, with wider adjustment of water flow should help. Make sure you kids are not in the pool with the floater. The area right around it can be highly concentrated with chlorine. That said, you are still correct to not put them in the Skimmer, as when the pump is off, you get a high level of chlorine sitting in your equipment feeds.
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    Re: Can't seem to get 3" chlorine tabs to keep enough CL

    If you browse this site for very long, you'll find that there is a strong recommendation not to chlorinate your pool regularly with tabs. They introduce CYA into your water, which keeps on climbing as long as you use tabs, to the point where you cannot maintain the proper level of free chlorine. That leads to algae blooms and the cycle of getting "pool stored".

    Before I turned my SWG on, I used tabs to chlorinate my pool when I went on vacation, but I monitored my CYA closely with a proper test kit.

    Do you know what your current CYA level is daddyof8?

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    Re: Can't seem to get 3" chlorine tabs to keep enough CL

    If you've been using the 1" tabs since forever already, you probably used too many and have to stop actually.

    I suggest that you read Pool School (upper right of every page, white button) multiple times and particularly the information about tablets/pucks/tri-chlor and the residual CYA (cyanuric acid) they add to your pool. Most chlorine delivery and retention issues revolve around having too much CYA in the water. Pool school will help you understand how and why too much CYA is problematic.

    Also, when you hear it recommended to have a proper test kit, know that it's really not optional and not a light recommendation. A good FAS-DPD test kit is actually essential. For now however, you can take your water to the pool store (directly, the sample can degrade over time) and get a full set of test results. They are often inaccurate, but it's ok to use as a guestimate right now.

    Post back with these results, and we'll be better able to help you. Till then, we really don't know what's going on with your water and your guess is as good as ours as to what your solution really is.
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    Re: Can't seem to get 3" chlorine tabs to keep enough CL

    Appologies guys - totally forgot this post was out here .... lots of things have happened since asking the question:

    I don't remember the actual numbers, but CYA has not been a problem for me - now whether I'm just lucky, or if my teenagers can't seem to keep water in the pool and I have to constantly add - who knows for sure.

    As for the CL level - just after posing the question, my pump fried - literally froze up (it was an old bugger - powerpack 1). I opted to replace the entire system - pump and filter with something a little newer and a little bigger. During the 10 days I was 'filter-less', I did get attacked with a case of the 'greenies'. New pump and filter - advice from other posts - lots of vaccuming - some liquid chlorine - and in about 3 days I was back in the clear ...

    The new pump/filter system is actually what has saved me I think - I cut back to runnign it just 3-4 hours a day (on a timer actually) and the flow is such during that time that you can actually see the water circulating in the pool.

    I still had 1/2 bucket of tabs left, so thought i'd see what happens for a few days. With the improved circulation, the floating dolphin did it's job. We would watch it floating around in circles during run time. My CL levels stabalized (on the low side of normal) and CYA levels have not changed - still within acceptable range. Water was just as clear as you could ever want.

    I have used up all the TABS I had and will convert next season to the pure chlorine or bleach that everyone recommends.

    Now to research what I need to do to shut this thing down before the snow flies ....

    Thanks guys - this is a great site.
    Martin Good
    Fowlerville, MI

    27' x 54" round AG
    Pro 4500GPH 19" Sand Filter w/ 1.5HP Above Ground Swimming Pool Pump System

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