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Thread: Water Pressure after filter

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    Water Pressure after filter

    Hi, I've been thinking my pressure is a little high compared to the numbers I have been reading about on the site and thought maybe my filter grids (thought they were clogged) were the reason. So I removed the entire grid manifold from my filter to see what the pressure would be unrestricted by the grids. I was suprised to see the pressure was the same at 25 PSI with or without the grid unit in the filter. When I filter to waste/backwash the pressure goes down to about 12 PSI so I am assuming something on my return side is creating the high pressure.

    After my filter I have a Hayward heat pump, check valve, Hayward salt chlorinator, then 3 returns (all pipes are 1.5 inch). My pumping station is about 3-4 feet higher then my pool water and there is good flow from each of the returns. I removed the eyeballs and the pressure stayed the same.

    I am wondering if the heat pump, check valve, or salt cell can be restricting the flow and increasing the pressure and if so is this something that is understood by someone with more experience. Before I test further by creating a by-pass of the heater and salt cell to isolate the pressure to the heater and salt cell or the returns.

    I am also assuming this is something I should be trying to figure out. If I shouldn't bother please let me know.
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    Re: Water Pressure after filter

    I don't know if this will make a difference or not... but I changed my return fitting and the eyeball this year and my pressures are different. It may be the eyeball is a different diameter. I have heard you can change your back pressures using a different eyeball but I don't know the advantage or disadvantages. I have a Perflex DE filter that shows 14 psi with or without DE when clean and used to rise to 23 (last year) but now rises to 20 when fully dirty. I changed the gauge somewhere in the past year so some of the difference may be the gauge.
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    Re: Water Pressure after filter

    Techguy has a good point in starting with the eyeballs. If yours are 1/2" that may be theissue. Then, work your way backto the filter 'til you discover where your resistance is.

    PS - You are not really hurting anything by running higher psi but you are probably not getting as much flow as you otherwise could.
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