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Thread: Extension Cords and Filter pumps???

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    Extension Cords and Filter pumps???

    Hello everyone! I have a Hayward EC50 D.E filter for my Intex 24' round pool. Reading the manual for the pump, it says that I need to make sure that the voltage and amp should be within limits in order to prevent damage to the pump. My problem is that the nearest outlet is a50' away from were the filter will be installed. I was going to use a 50' extension cord to bring power to the filter. Do I run the risk of dameging the pump by running it off of an extension cord? It is a heavy duty one, is one of those orange ones that are sold to be used with electric lawn trimmers.

    P.S the pump volt rating is 115v / 12 amps.
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    Re: Extension Cords and Filter pumps???

    It's probably frowned upon to not have an outlet so close, and might not be to code, but see what other people have to say.

    If you do run it this way make sure the extension cord is 12 gage. 12ga wire supports up to 20 amps. Also IIRC,, the standard outlet is only good for 15 amps. There is a special connector with a sideways prong that is good to 20. You may end up burning the plug end of the cord with a regular end. I did that once when I ran a bounce house and agp motor at the same time. It didn't blow the breaker because it was less than 20 amps, but I damaged the plug because of the heat of a poor connection.
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    Re: Extension Cords and Filter pumps???

    First you need to check to see if your locality requires that you meet code.

    It really doesn't matter in regards to the extension cord. 50' is way too long to run a pump off an extension cord. You'll have too much voltage drop and you're pump will suffer.
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    Re: Extension Cords and Filter pumps???

    I dont know if it was right or wrong but I ran mine off of a 50 ft 12 gauge ext cord for 2 years with zero problems. I'm not saying it is right or wrong just that I did it with no problems. My electrician didn't seem to worried about it either.

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