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Thread: Help Needed for Code 92 (High Salt) on Intex CS8111 SWG

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    Help Needed for Code 92 (High Salt) on Intex CS8111 SWG

    I have an Intex 16' x 48" Ultra Frame pool. This morning I unplugged the copper plates so that no more copper ions will be generated during chlorine production since our copper levels keep creeping up (currently at 0.3 ppm). I ran the SWG for about six hours today since the FC was a little low this morning (~ 1.5). My kids played in the pool all day, and I wanted to run the SWG for a couple of hours tonight to make up for any chlorine that might have been used up today. Shortly after turning on the SWG, I could hear beeping, and I am getting a code 92 (high salt) alarm. I turned the system off, and measured the FC at ~ 3 ppm. Just yesterday I took a pool water sample to our local pool supply store, and they got a salt reading of 3000 ppm which my manual says is ideal for our pool. I used my AquaChek test strips and just got a reading of 3245 ppm. I have not added any salt to the pool since we put it up about 3 weeks ago. About 2 weeks ago the pool store tested our water at 3300 ppm, and the SWG was working perfectly. Do you think that unplugging the copper plates could be affecting our unit? If we need to partially drain the pool, how much should we drain to start out with (couple of inches, a foot)? Any advice would be appreciated.

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    Re: Help Needed for Code 92 (High Salt) on Intex CS8111 SWG

    Try cleaning the unit first. Close the plunger valves and then detach the SWG and pour all the water out. Put the caps on at both ends that came with the unit and then pour enough white vinegar in the top opening (the one where the copper rods go) to fill it, then replace the rods to cap it off. Let it soak for a couple of hours. Then pour out some of the vinegar, recap it, then give it a good shake to loosen any buildup that may be on the plates. Pour our the rest of the vinegar and discard it. Fill it with water, cap it, and give it another good shake to rinse it out. Pour out the water and then reattach the unit to the pump and pool and open the plunger valves. Then try running it again. If it still doesn't work, there might be something wrong with the cell because 3000-3200 is not too high. I have the same unit and my salt level is closer to 3400 and my unit still runs. I've never tried running it with the copper rods uplugged, but many people on this forum do and theirs still run.
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