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Thread: Chemlink - C1900

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    Chemlink - C1900

    Question for those of you who have Jandy RS systems with a chemlink(c1900) attached. I have newly installed the chemlink and have a question.

    When in pool mode all is well and the status display shows the current ORP and PH levels as expected. Also when required the chemlink will call for feeding as configured. But when switched to spa mode the status does not display anything (as if the chemlink is not connected). Is this a setup, config issue or does it work this way by design?

    My intent was to automate both the pool and spa ORP & PH control.

    For my pool and spa setup it has a single pump/filter with automated valves to switch from one to another. The flow cell input is mounted after the filter before any return valve so I have constant water flow into the flow cell regardless if in pool or spa mode so the flow sensor is not the issue.

    Anyone have experience in monitoring the pool and spa or have thoughts on what I am missing here?

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    Re: Chemlink - C1900

    I am pretty sure that the Aqualink in spa mode will not allow a chemlink system to dose/operate. It seems like this constraint would simplify the installation and control (dosing amounts, injection points, etc). Maybe there is a jumper or configuration I'm not aware of that allows it to operate while in spa mode.

    The way most single pump systems are designed is to constantly circulate water through the spa with a bypass that pushes water into the spa to power an overflow water feature. This makes the whole system act as a single body of water, and is how the PH and FC levels in the spa would be kept in control. In Austin we're not supposed to be running water features continuously during the current water restrictions, so I've turned off the bypass and configured my system to turn the water in the spa/kiddie pool over into the pool within 30min each night. I check the spa FC and PH levels once a week and they are basically the same as the pool levels.
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    Re: Chemlink - C1900

    Within the Chemlink the only thing that I can find is two switches, one switch allows to configuring the adrs - 1 or 2 of the chemlink and I am not sure what the other switch does. Maybe I will give it a try.

    Thanks for the feedback.

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