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Thread: Too Much Acid ?

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    Too Much Acid ?

    Hello Everyone,

    Five days ago I added about 35 lbs of Boraxo and 2.1 gallons of acid to my pool. I ran the pump for 48 hrs. My readings are as follows:

    ph 7.8
    fc 3
    ta 100
    ch 330
    cya 30
    borate 30 - 40 difficult for me to see the colors

    I have been adding a quart of acid a day to keep my ph in check. This seems like a lot. I also add about 3 cups of chlorine. I run my pump from 8 am to 8 pm. I did my borate calculations on 12000 gallons. I am unsure of my kidney shaped pool capacity. Should I raise my cya level a little? And perhaps raise my borates a bit? Hopefully to cut down on acid.
    Many Thanks,
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    Re: Too Much Acid ?

    A quart a day isn't a lot compared to my pool. It takes me about 3 quarts a day when I'm adding as much water as I am this summer.

    You need to drive your TA down a little by maintaining your pH down around 7.1 or so.
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    Re: Too Much Acid ?

    Glad I found this, I am adding around 600ml a week to get my levels down and I was becoming slightly worried it was too much
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    Re: Too Much Acid ?

    My guess is that the TA was a lot higher and you're slowly driving it down. If you have a spa or a waterfall, anything that creates a lot of turbulence, it's going to drive pH up. The acid demand should start slowing. Now you see why it's recommended to adjust TA before adding borax. so-you-want-to-add-borates-to-your-pool-why-and-how-t4921.html

    You'd be a good candidate to use trichlor tabs in a floater to bring the CYA up. It's very acidic, which will keep pH from climbing so fast. Just don't add too many and get CYA too high. Using the pool calculator, it looks like about ten pounds f tablets would get CYA to about 50. Someone want to check my math?
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