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Thread: Digital Pool Pilot intermentiant light

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    Digital Pool Pilot intermentiant light

    I had a Warning Check Cell! light flashing for about a week. After checking the blades I noticed the outside two were shorter and ordered a replacement cell.

    I installed it today and still get the same error message once in a while. I have it running on Cell power 2 in a 24 boost mode right now. It will randomly flash the same error message. It it is off and I test the pilot it will end up flashing. This is the latest pilot test readings...with no light flashing...

    sc-48 (since there is not 42 for me to change to in install menu)
    Salt 3,100
    Temp 90
    20v 4.1A ( it would flash with a 17v)

    It is an rc-42 my pool is about 25k

    What gets me is it is not all the time just every once in awhile like if the volts drop maybe. Tonigth the lights is flashing when the purifer is on only. sometimes it is and sometimes it's not. I had to replace several fuses inside after getting a low amp warning. I beleive it was to the cell fuses. Fuse in lower left corner i think?

    Any idea on what this could be. It's a dig 220 serial # 0080709221
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    Re: Digital Pool Pilot intermentiant light

    Sounds like a damaged Power Module. What is it giving you (Test Pool Pilot) when the Check System light is flashing?
    Sean Assam -
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    Re: Digital Pool Pilot intermentiant light

    same readings. Is it still producing chlorine? Can I get by with out replacing the box?
    18x36 Rectangle dual drains in floor
    Digital Autopilot SWG
    AqualCal Heat Pump
    1.5 Horsepowered pool pump

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    Re: Digital Pool Pilot intermentiant light

    I am encountering something very similar with an older Soft Touch unit. Sean has been helpful in troubleshooting the problem. It appears to be a faulty power module (thanks Sean) that causes the service light to flash when the unit enters reversing mode.

    After changing the cell reversing to ‘short’ (2 hours), I monitored the flashing light for a day and noted the hour it did not flash and when it did. The pattern was in near two hour increments and repeated almost identically each day.

    I check the cell every ten days or so and have not found any scale. I keep my ph low (7.2 – 7.5) to help prevent buildup. My unit is still producing purifier, although when reversing (and service light is flashing) the production is reduced. With the unit operating this way, I am still able to maintain my FC level from day to day.

    My unit is 10+ years old and I’m going to allow it to limp to the finish line before replacing. The cell is about 4 years old and in excellent condition.

    My readings as of 7/2/12

    FC – 19
    PH – 7.4
    TA – 60
    CYA – 65
    CH – 325
    Salt – 3400
    Temp – unpleasantly warm

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