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Thread: Be aware before you buy...

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    Be aware before you buy...

    Just wanted to share with you my experience with the local pool store. Two weeks ago, I had taken a sample in to our local Leslies. I had not yet researched this site; therefore, when I was told that my CYA was OK (it was 99) and that my calcium reading was too low--I needed to buy a $20 bucket of "stuff" to increase it. I went home and researched this site and the BBB method.

    Needless to say, I saw where my high CYA level was a large source of my pool being cloudy and that I did not need to worry about the calcium level (I have a vinyl AGP--not an inground). No problem I thought, I'll just return it since I have my receipt. WRONG!! They won't take it back because "it could have been tampered with". And, they are sticking by their sales pitch that it is absolutely needed...

    Anyway, I guess I just mark this one up as "teaching an old dog a new trick"....
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    Re: Be aware before you buy...

    This is commonly referred to as being "Pool Stored"

    Sounds like you are a great BBB candidate and you can stop going to the pool store. I have not bought any chemical at the pool store, outside of CYA, this year.

    Have you been to the Pool School yet? It's in the upper right corner of this page
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    Re: Be aware before you buy...

    Yes, I am constantly re-reading the Pool School. I have been trudging along with the stock pump trying to clear my cloudy water and am anxiously awaiting my new sand/pump (any day now).....
    Funny thing is....when I took my sample in Saturday to Leslies (before they told me they wouldn't take my "bucket" back), the tech told me my CYA was 99 (same as their test the week before). I did not tell them that I drained 1/2 of my water out and refilled. When I hear that--I knew I had to get my own test kit (which I purchased right after I left their store). I went straight home and retested and lo and behold my CYA was 50.....hummmmm.....
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    Re: Be aware before you buy...

    Take a look at that container... isn't it sealed with a tamper proof lid - maybe not... I've never looked at the lid on one!

    In anycase... if there is a tamper proof seal, take it back to them and point it out... also ask to see their return policy... usually in Texas, there is a requirement that an "all sales are final" be clearly displayed on the receipt or at the point of sale.

    Don't be afraid to contact their customer care line: (btw... print this out and take it with you)

    chafes my hide when people are taken advantage of

    Remember... be professional and polite... ask to see the store manager... even if the store doesn't "make it right" the national level might do so; thus, no harm no foul at this point.

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    Re: Be aware before you buy...

    If you can not return it ... see if you can at least exchange it for something you CAN use ... like liquid chlorine or muriatic acid or toys.
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