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Thread: Test results ?

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    Test results ?

    First, today's readings--pH 7.8; FC 2; CC 0; T/A 90; CYA 40; temp 82

    I keep my FC at 5 so will add 96oz of 6%. No problems there.

    My pH rose from 7.5 to 7.8 overnight 2 days ago. I like to keep it 7.3 to 7.5. My T/A has been consistant at 90 but I've been thinking of raising to 100-110. Before I add baking soda I'm thinking I need to lower pH to 7.0 since the baking soda will also raise pH.

    The season started with a CYA of close to zero. I've added 3lbs of granular stabilizer in 1.5lb increments with the last being June 16. June 24 I added 42oz of liquid stabilizer to get the current reading. It's actually 37 with the sight tube. I'm thinking of adding another 42 fl oz. My thinking is to get the CYA to 50. The young lady at the pool store thinks that's too high and that it should be 30.

    I don't test for CH very often because I do believe I've read somewhere on this site that it really doesn't matter very much to an above ground, vinyl lined pool.

    Thank you.
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    Re: Test results ?

    If you raise TA, your pH will climb again.

    I'd just add whatever acid it takes to get pH down and be done with it. Well..except for the chlorine you already know about.

    CYA is your call. If you get a lot of sun, it will probably be worth raising. But leave some room so you can use trichlor pucks in a floater if you leave town.
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