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Thread: I'm having some problems...

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    I'm having some problems...

    ...which may or may not be related. They are as follows:

    1. My pool appears to be losing about two inches of water a day. Admittedly, its gets 15 hours of 110 degree sun in Dallas, Texas so perhaps it's due to evaporation, but it seems like a lot. It never used to lose this much in the winter/spring so I'm inclined to blame evaporation.

    2. I have one of the brass floaty autofills and it never has successfully worked for me. I've had it fixed professionally and replaced it myself and it still either doesn't fill or fills forever and floods my neighborhood, which no one likes (particularly in West Nile season)

    3. There are bubbles in (a) one of my return jets, (b) the pump basket and (c) the Polaris pressure line. The bubbles in the pump basket decrease when I switch to only spa suction/return so I feel like there must be something in the pool suction/return - not like a loose o ring in the pump itself

    4. My pool surface does not exactly skim itself too well. There is like a dead spot over in the corner of my pool where everything gathers. One of the suction holes under one of my two skimmers doesn't suck and I'm not sure all the jets that should be jetting are jetting at the proper strength/direction to make everything flow towards the skimmers

    5. I've been doing strict BBB since the spring but suddenly I find myself with 0 CYA. I put in 4 pounds of solid granular stabilizer in a tube sock in the skimmer basket and checked it a week later and it appears to not have moved the needle that much. The black dot is a little more cloudy when the tube's all the way full, but it definitely is still super visible. I just added another sock with another 3ish pounds in it. So we'll see how that goes.

    6. Not surprisingly, the lack of CYA leads to a constant lack of FC which has led to an algae outbreak - my first since going on BBB. This is not really a surprise or anything, but it does qualify as a problem.

    7. The pool has lot of little bits of stuff floating in it that I guess the filter is not filtering too well. I haven't backwashed it or added DE to the filter in months - perhaps I should do that? Any advice on that?

    8. We have a pool/spa set up where it is one body of water and they're next to each other like this [ ][ ] and the spa overflows into the pool. There is a return fountain in the spa and return jets in the pool so my usual set up is that the one main drain and the two skimmers return and the pool jets and the spa fountain return. But the pool is always crystal clear and perfect but the hot tub is constantly green and algae-filled even though it's the same body of water. This is very frustrating. I pour the bleach into the spa and brush it but the algae doesn't go away. I have to do a full-on shock and brush it and switch it so the spa drain returns and the pool overflows into the spa instead of the other way round. I feel like if the pool water is balance enough to keep algae from growing, the spa water should be as well. But clearly the water does not circulate enough. Maybe I should suck from the spa more?

    So i have a lot of problems and no solutions. And I'm sure some of these are interrelated but others are probably not. I am generally loving the BBB Method but things seem to have gone off the rails.

    Thank you so much for your help

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    Re: I'm having some problems...

    1. You have a leak...2"is excessive...that's also why you have 0 CYA

    2. I would suggest you disconnect it.....they cause problems like the 0 CYA result by masking a leak.

    3. bubbles in the pump basket is a suction side air leak. It can be at the O-ring in the pump basket or the skimmers or somewhere in between.

    4. Don't know

    5. See 1 & 2 above

    6. You will need to shock but I would find and fix the leak first

    Any advice on that?
    Yes. you will need to do that when you shock but I would fix the leak first.

    8. Don't know.

    You must prioritize these issues. I would fix that leak above all else and then probably shock the pool once the leak is fixed.
    Dave S.
    42k vinyl and concrete pool, 1.5hp pump, 140gpm filter
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