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Thread: 14'x42" Metal Frame Setup/Prep Question

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    14'x42" Metal Frame Setup/Prep Question

    We're installing our first pool and we've selected a Summer Escapes 14'x42" metal frame. The spot where we're installing the pool is unique, so we're looking for some opinions on preparation and setup.

    The install area is half grass/half concrete patio. (It's the only spot where we can install the pool, otherwise it would be all grass or all concrete) I tilled up and removed all of the grass. I added additional soil and compacted until the soil level was even with the level of the concrete patio. This is the point where we need some advice. The pool installation instructions simply state to select a level surface free of debris, that's it. I've been reading about using sand to help level the pool and prevent damage to the liner from punctures. Is sand necessary for a pool such as this one? I've seen where pads are also available to help prevent punctures. Local stores do not carry these pads, so I was wondering if a heavy duty tarp doubled over itself would suffice. Any thoughts on this approach?

    I was going to leave a 6" space around between the pool and the grass. Are there any best practices for how much space to leave? I don't want grass trying to grow through the liner. I figure 6" will be plenty to keep from hitting the liner with the weed trimmer, so I'm not worried about that part.
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    Re: 14'x42" Metal Frame Setup/Prep Question

    I have a Intex Ultra Frame 20' x 48' -
    I went to the near by carpet store (even lowes or Home depot)
    and bought like the pad they put under the carpet -
    Use a tarp after you level out the area. Put the padding down
    and maybe another tarp - hope this helps
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    Re: 14'x42" Metal Frame Setup/Prep Question

    I would be concerned about placing the pool half on concrete and half on "compacted" dirt. The MOST important thing is that it is level. All on level concrete or all on level dirt but half and half, you could have the dirt half compact once you have 30,000 pounds of water in the pool.. With the metal frame, you could be in a situation where the frame bends at the transition.

    This is true of any install over "fill" dirt. You are never quite able to compact as much as mother nature does. If you cannot place it 100% on level concrete, I suggest you level a spot in the grass by digging down to the lowest point. This can be done by a landscaper in less than 2 hours with a small tractor or you can DIY with a sodcutter and manual labor. Leaving grass under the pool can cause a huge odor issue.
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    Re: 14'x42" Metal Frame Setup/Prep Question

    Splitting between concrete and filled dirt, even compacted is a bad idea.

    If this is the only area you have then remove the dirt and fill it back in with screenings, or crushed stone and compact that, it will settle much less if any at all.

    If you want to put sand under the pool for comfort then keep it thin, no more than a couple of inches, sand should not be used to level, it will wash out too easy.

    Read this thread: Click Here

    I think I put a picture of the screenings on there if not I know I have it on my thread, (link in signature).

    Good luck & Happy Swimming

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