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Thread: Pump keeps losing prime - Help

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    Pump keeps losing prime - Help

    I have a 36 sq ft DE filter, 1.5 HP pump, and in-ground pool. I cleaned the filter basket at the pump, and the water drained out of it, as expected. I put a hose into the basket to fill it up and help the pump regain its prime. When I turn the pump on, the water pumps into the filter basket, fills up after about 30 seconds or so, but then as soon as it's filled it loses its prime again and all the water just "whooshes" out of it. There were no air bubbles in the filter basket during the time it was filled up, which is only for a couple seconds. I bled the filter of air, and then shut off the release valve when water started coming out. I've tried this 3 or 4 times, and it keeps doing the same thing. Fills up, looks good, and then all the water suddenly gets sucked out.

    A little background...I just bought the house a few weeks ago and I'm a first time pool owner. The pump / filter was running fine up until I opened the filter basket to clean it. So I don't expect there are any leaks anywhere, although I guess it's a possibility. I just think I've done something wrong somewhere.

    Any ideas?

    Here's a photo of my set-up: ... photo1.jpg

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    Re: Pump keeps losing prime - Help

    You're sucking air, not water, somewhere.

    Strainer lid is the first place to look, since that was the last thing you touched. Make sure it's well-lubricated with pool lube. And that the lid is on tight. My lid has ears that I have to beat on to seat it all the way, you'll have to find something different it looks like.

    Then check that you have the valves in the right spot.

    Then check the water level in the pool skimmer, and that the weir (flapper) isn't stuck. I know if I hold the weir by hand when my pump is running I can suck the thing dry in seconds.
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    Re: Pump keeps losing prime - Help

    Ok, yes that did the trick. I opened up the filter basket again and made sure the o-ring was in place and then I retightened it the lid really tight. I don't have any pool lube but I'll get some and apply it next time. I think you might be on to something with the weir too. I did check it, and it seemed to be stuck closed.

    It's running properly again..for now...Thanks for the quick and helpful advice!

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