I had a Warning Check Cell! light flashing for about a week. After checking the blades I noticed the outside two were shorter and ordered a replacement cell.

I installed it today and still get the same error message once in a while. I have it running on Cell power 2 in a 24 boost mode right now. It will randomly flash the same error message. It it is off and I test the pilot it will end up flashing. This is the latest pilot test readings...with no light flashing...

sc-48 (since there is not 42 for me to change to in install menu)
Salt 3,100
Temp 90
20v 4.1A ( it would flash with a 17v)

It is an rc-42 my pool is about 25k

What gets me is it is not all the time just every once in awhile like if the volts drop maybe. I have had to replace several fuses inside after getting a low amp warning. I beleive it was to the cell fuses. Fuse in lower left corner i think?

Any idea on what this could be. It's a dig 220 serial # 0080709221