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Thread: Intex 2650 Sand Filter and Pump - What size backwash hose ?

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    Intex 2650 Sand Filter and Pump - What size backwash hose ?

    Hi all,

    I recently got the 2650 Intex Sand Filter - What size backwash hose to I get for this thing? The inside diameter is 2 inches, but is there a screw on thing I can get or do I just use the two inch with a clamp?

    Also what size do I get for the vacuum? - Little confused on where I hook this up - right to before the pump???, and if so what size are the ends on those vacuum hoses?

    Here is my pool / filter - > new-ag-pool-owner-first-timer-some-questions-t47657-40.html#p397426

    Thanks - John
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    Re: Intex 2650 Sand Filter and Pump - What size backwash hos

    I just purchased the same pump and I use the 2 inch backwash hose. I doubled it over and stretched it a bit to go over the end and held it there with a hose clamp works great.
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    Re: Intex 2650 Sand Filter and Pump - What size backwash hos

    If you want a screw on fitting... it should be a 2" threaded.
    To verify, take the over cap with you to the local hardware store of your choice and either test fit (what I did) on the threaded couplers or have one of those oh-so-helpfull sales people do it for you (the guys at the store I go to are really, truely helpful, if you bring in the parts and tell them what you want/are doing, they go and get the stuff off the shelf, make sure it all dry fits, ask about tools you might need, and glue, etc..... love small towns - still dealing with real humans!)
    Make sure you're looking at flat face couplers... there are a few different styles out there!
    Found mine back in the sump pump area... actually for discharging from a sump pump... go figure.
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