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Thread: Proper system components for a 27' round

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    Proper system components for a 27' round


    I purchased an above ground pool "package" last spring that consisted of a 27' round (~18,500 gal), a Hayward 1.5 HP single speed pump rated at 70 GPM and a Hayward C100 cartridge filter which is rated at 100 GPM. All connected with 1.5" plumbing. 1 skimmer, 1 return.

    By my calculations using the size of my pump, I should only have to run my pump for 5 hrs per day to turn over my pool, however that doesn't seem like an appropriate length of time. My pool gets full sun. So I run it for 8 hrs anyway.

    I have a few questions...

    1. Does this equipment seem to be appropriately sized to work efficiently? I don't feel like this filter cleans as well as the sand filter I grew up with and am just wondering if maybe the components are not properly sized. I have only ever seen the PSI increase by 2, maybe 3 from the clean filter PSI.

    2. I have read that a 100 sq ft cartridge has a capacity of 38 GPM (thanks Google!), yet the label on my filter housing states "Design Flow Rate Residential 100 GPM." I'm confused...which is correct?

    3. I had to replace the return hose this year because it started cracking a few weeks into the season. 1 year out of a hose doesn't seem that something that could be caused by my equipment or should I chalk it up to a cheap hose?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Proper system components for a 27' round

    1. That filter is a little small for that sized pool but it should work ok. If it's not picking up stuff, tie a sock over the return and let the pump run. If the sock gets stuff in it then it's bypassing the filter and there's a problem in the filter.

    2. It's marketing. They give it a "residential" rating to make the filter look good. The 38 gpm is the commercial rating and it's really what you should stay close to.

    3. It could have been a bad run of hose but it's impossible to tell. It should last longer then one year. However, the sun is rough on them.
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    Re: Proper system components for a 27' round

    Thanks for the comments. I figured the 100 GPM rating was a sales gimmick but wasn't sure.

    I will try the sock on the return and see what happens. I'm hoping I don't catch any particles. I cleaned the cartridge with TSP before the season's only 1 yr old...

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