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Thread: Just an FYI from the water/sewer department

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    Just an FYI from the water/sewer department

    I thought I would share this tip. I work for the a water/sewer department and there are many of our customers who are pool owners who do not realize we do this. NOT saying your water company will, but they might, and it never hurts to ask them.

    We bill for water and sewer together. If you have both water and sewer and receive one bill for the two combined, make sure to check with the water company to see if they will adjust your sewer on your bill when you fill your pool or add lots of water to it. For instance... say your minimum bill is $40.00, $20.00 water, $20.00 for sewer. Lets say you fill your pool giving you a $400.00 bill ($200.00 water, $200.00 sewer). Since we know that water is not going into the sewer, we would adjust your sewage to make your bill $200 water, $20.00 sewer, making your total $220.00 instead of $400.00. If you use more than your monthy minimum, we simply average out your average sewer and adjust accordingly.

    Just thought I would share!

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    Re: Just an FYI from the water/sewer department

    I will be filling one soon and my city does this. I think its more common than some might think.
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    Re: Just an FYI from the water/sewer department

    Quote Originally Posted by Glock
    I will be filling one soon and my city does this. I think its more common than some might think.
    Hopefully it is

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    Re: Just an FYI from the water/sewer department

    Great thread! Too cool!

    I was aware of this! I contacted my power/water company and they gave me the meter reading before I started the fill. Then once I was finished, I called them back and they again read my meter, giving me the "after" reading. I went to their web site and printed the affidavit, completed and signed it then faxed it to them.

    **I had to call them for the reading because our manually read meters have been replaced with these things that they read remotely. No more reading it our selves. There is nothing there for us to look at. It's a little black box with an antenae.

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    Just an FYI from the water/sewer department

    Our town does not charge the sewer water fee's during the summer so the residence can water the grass, fill pools etc.
    I figured it was standard to not charge during the spring-summer months but sounds like its not necessarily a standard thing, good to know incase they do charge during the summer months!
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    Re: Just an FYI from the water/sewer department

    I think I recall at my last house down here that they base the sewer charges on the water usage readings over the winter and use that to project over the summer ... presumably to avoid charging the sewer for watering grass extra as mentioned above.

    That said, down here often pool work is done in the winter since it does not freeze, so it is still worth calling and letting them know in the winter if you are re-filling the pool so your sewage is not adjusted higher for the rest of the year.
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    Re: Just an FYI from the water/sewer department

    For an existing pool, they may be asking what you did with the water you drained. In our area, the water must be drained to the sewer, so it works out even for everybody on a refill. For new construction they do not seem willing to budge on charging both anyway.
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    Re: Just an FYI from the water/sewer department

    I actually called about this when we put our pool in. Unfortunately, our village does not separate for pool usage because they assume it will eventually be drained into the sewer. The lady did, however, calculate it for me and filling our pool (10K gallons) only cost us about $80. Plus, she told us, that for a fee, the Fire Department would come out and fill using the hydrants. We ended up opting not to, but I still thought it was kinda cool.
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    Re: Just an FYI from the water/sewer department

    I was pleasantly surprised when I received my water bill ...........this is our first pool, so was a bit worried as to how much our water bill would be for refilling our 18,000 gallon pool on top of a family of 6 using water for the month............the water portion of the bill was only $78.00...........Whew....what a relief.....

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