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Thread: 4th year with the aquarite SWG

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    4th year with the aquarite SWG

    First off great forum and website!

    I am in my 4th year with the aquarite SWG system and have good luck but this year several problems have arisen. After trouble shooting the errors on the System(Box), I have had to replace the Water flow indicator (Broken Metal Indicator inline), Replaced the Black resistor/inrush limiter on the board, (Brown spots on the boards at the base) of the quarter size Thermister. I also Soaked the Cell in acid (M-A) and it shows no build up on the Fins. I still have 2 lights going on after about a minute or two of powering the system on. Low Salt indicator and Inspect Cell Lights stay on, this is where I am at now and need some help to figure out what to trouble shoot next. I have tested the pool for Salt and the Level is correct per the Test.

    Help please so I can get the system back to functioning without breaking the bank.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: 4th year with the aquarite SWG

    "4th year" -- isn't enough info to describe the actual age of the cell which may be at the end of its useful life and needs replacing.

    Where are you located and what constitutes a 'year'/pool season? If you have a 3-month pool season and run the SWG at a lower output level, your cell may last several 'years'. If you have a 10-month pool season and run the SWG at higher output levels and/or lower CYA levels, then your cell will last fewer 'years'.

    I'm on the fifth 'season' of my original Aquarite salt cell. I installed it at the start of pool season 2008. I'm in Central NJ and 'pool season' is mid-May to mid-September (roughly). So, 4 months of use each of the last 4 16 months of use -- 17 months if you include 1 month of use for the current season. I usually run @50-70% output of the cell and keep my CYA at the manufacturer's suggested level.

    My cell is still working although I have a spare ready for the day the original cell dies.

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    Re: 4th year with the aquarite SWG

    Hi SteveK,

    I am in Tulsa Ok and the the pool season is from May 1st to Oct (Mid) and the the output level for me is about 70-80% for my cell. The pool holds about 15.3K gallons of water in case this helps.
    I am ready to take the board out again and look for tests I can conduct on the it, but am not an electrician, but I am somewhat technical and hands on as far as figuring things out as needed.
    Thanks for repying and hope this helps on the pool. Also, where is the best place online to buy a replacement cell?

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    Re: 4th year with the aquarite SWG

    I'm in Tucson, where pools are open year-round and swim season is from mid April until about Thanksgiving. I just replaced my AquaRite T15 cell after six plus years.
    I did have to raise the salt level higher and higher as the cell aged it kept reporting lower salt than actual. Before I replaced it, I was having to keep very high salt levels to keep it generating.

    What are the salt readings showing on the unit?
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