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Thread: CH Test - Significant rise or just very light blue?

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    CH Test - Significant rise or just very light blue?

    CH Test started at around 190 when pool was first filled in December, rose to ~280 within the first 60 days due to the plaster curing, and has mostly stayed between 270-320 from Feb - May. I saw some calcium scale building up on the SWG last month and lowered ph to counteract(-CSI). This solved that problem, but over the last two weeks when I've done the CH tests what I see is that right from the start the R11 solution turns the vial only very light green, and then the vial rapidly turns almost transparant with just a blue tinge at ~360 - if I keep adding drops, the water color only changes by the most tiny amount and is itsy bitsy more blue at ~450 (but still mostly still transparant).

    So, I'm wondering if my chems have gone bad, do I need to keep adding drops to see if the color changes further to finally something more blue, or which CH result should I trust 360/450/etc.

    I do note that we have quite a bit of evaporation with air temperatures in the 80's and water temperature held between 85-90 degrees. The autofill no doubt has had to add a bunch of water and our area has spikey tap water ch levels so I expect gradual increases in CH...360 seems believable..450+ would be a stretch.
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    Re: CH Test - Significant rise or just very light blue?

    You have bad R-0011L most likely. The sample should should turn pinkish when you add it. If yuou bought it from TFtestkits, contact Dave, he'll fix it. You're not the first one to report problems.

    As an aside, 450 is not a stretch - I've hit 1100 before. Just by refilling what's evaporated!
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