So I set the pool up on my patio since its the only place I can put it. I filled the patio grooves with sand and put a heavy duty trap over then the pool. As I started filling it I noticed the pool was 3" higher towards the back of my patio, obviously for rain water to run off. Well on the filter face plate there in min fill and max fill. So I on the deeper side filled that to the max fill line and it kept enough water on the shallow side to use the filter its probably a bit over min fill. I measure at every vertical leg and the highest point on the max fill and gradually goes to .5in just over .5in so on to 3in. Everything is great water, PH and all that is at its right levels. We are under a dry spell so I'd hate to dump and spend another 3hrs of filling. I just want to know the chance of my pool bursting?