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Thread: Please help me identify an older sand filter?

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    Please help me identify an older sand filter?

    Hi. I'm hoping to rebuild an older sand filter and am trying to determine who made it, and what the model is, so I can see if parts (seals, etc), might still be available for it. I'm attaching a photo that shows it, but a couple of additional bits of information that might not be obvious from the picture:

    1) It's made out of stainless steel, with a welded steel base.
    2) It's about 15" in diameter, and 18"+ tall.


    Kirk Bailey
    bailey (at) peak (dot) org
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    Re: Please help me identify an older sand filter?

    How big is your pool? That is a very small (too small) sand filter for most pools.
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    Re: Please help me identify an older sand filter?

    I'm actually hoping to recycle it into service as an irrigation water filter for a well. According to a couple of published reports these filters can work well in that role.


    Kirk Bailey

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    Re: Please help me identify an older sand filter?

    Is there a pressure rating stamped into it anywhere? That's the only thing I'd be worried about. Pool pumps run much lower pressure than the ~50 psi that household pressures run.

    What pressure does your well pump put out?

    Otherwise, sounds like a great idea!

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    Re: Please help me identify an older sand filter?

    There is no pressure rating that I can find: That is part of what I hope to determine if someone recognizes the critter! The filter pressure gauge reads to 25 PSI, for what that's worth. On the positive side, I can adjust the irrigation pump output pressure to whatever works, subject to getting the job done. Running the system at 20 PSI, for example, should work fine in my situation (mostly modified drip irrigation).


    Kirk Bailey

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