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Thread: Temps in the 100's robbing the Chlorine ?

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    Temps in the 100's robbing the Chlorine ?

    A heat wave hit Kansas this week bringing with it the 100's - today is forecast for 110 - what happened to the 90s to get us used to the heat

    I love our SWG and up until this week my FC has been wonderful and staying at a constant 4 or 5 with a CC of .5 when I test around 6 PM with daytime temps in 80s and low 90s. Thanks to you all I've got my CYA at 80 and other than trying to get my pH down which I'd planned on working on this month (from the tap we measure 8.2) I've not struggled with our crystal clear pool...until this week.

    Today will be day 3 in the 100s. Our pool is losing chlorine - could it be due to the AMAZINGLY hot temps this week? The pool is pretty much in the blazing sun from 11 AM to 7 PM. Day 1 of the 100s was Sunday FC was at 1 so I bumped the SWG from 4 hours to 6 hours. Day 2 105 or more - Monday I was still at a 1 so I bumped it to 12 hours. Today's is forecast is 110! So far it's nothing but 100's in the 7 day forecast UGH!

    Is there anything else I should be doing? Though I don't have the other numbers (they are at home) they have been and continue to be constant.


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    Re: Temps in the 100's robbing the Chlorine ?

    I am using more too. I use 12.5% liquid chlorine and sometimes add two cups in the AM, two cups in the evening. But, we use it all day long, splashing and aerating...

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    Temps in the 100's robbing the Chlorine ?

    Yes, temps that high will certainly burn off chlorine. Your CYA is plenty high so just use liquid sources of chlorine. Just test each night and add whatever chlorine was lost due to the sun or to swimmer use.

    Late late edit... I forgot you are using SWG. You can bump up the SWG, run for more time at your current setting or add liquid chlorine. Your choice and you could leave your SWG setting as is and just add chlorine as needed to augment the SWG (aka both SWG and bleach)
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    Re: Temps in the 100's robbing the Chlorine ?

    Best place to start is doing an OCLT. Make sure nothing is growing in the pool. If you're clean, either turn up the SWG or add a few FC's worth of liquid chlorine a day.

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