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Thread: New AGP Finally Ready and Opened for Season

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    New AGP Finally Ready and Opened for Season

    I am a pool newbie. This is my first pool. This forum has been very helpful thus far. I live in the city and have a weekend place in the Northeast PA and my wife and I decided a pool would be a good idea. However, being that the pool will be left unattended, it posed a few challenges (guess we will see how this works out). I purchased a 12 x 18 aluminum pool and built a deck around it. Started project in November and opened pool last week, so it took some time. As stated being that pool will be left unattended, I purchased a nifty manual track cover, which i am hoping will keep pool clean, warm and safe. I added solar panels that cover an area of the roof as large as the pool, and it gets terrific sunlight for a good portion of the day. I am really hoping these panels can warm the pool up quite a bit as I would really like an 84 degree temp. I also added a Hayward CL200 inline chlorinator, hoping it will contribute to making the pool maintenance free. Being I am not there every day, i purchased a simple timer and I run it from 12:30 to 3 each day (prime sun hours on solar panels). Pool should lose very little water from evaporation bc it is tightly covered. But I am not sure if I will be able to reach my desired temp bc if theres no sun I will actually be cooling pool. So I guess my question is, what solar controller is recommended to be used to achieve my temp of 84? Or do you think I will be able to hit my desired temp leaving it as is? Also, any other recommendations for a newbie like myself is greatly appreciated. And my little giant cover pump stopped working already, not sure why. Thanks.

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    Re: New AGP Finally Ready and Opened for Season

    That looks Sharp, very well done, smiles.

    I did some searching on the internet the other day for ways to control pool solar heaters and they make some that only work when the sun is shining, it has a solar detector kinda like a dusk to dawn light uses, if the sun is not shining it closes the valve to the panels so water can't cycle thru them, one also had a draiin system so it would drain the panels when it kicked off. I just Goggled for solar pool controllers I think.

    Good luck and hope everything works out well and you get to spend many enjoyable hours/days in your new pool.

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