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Thread: HELP New Pool (scaling - I think since built.)

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    HELP New Pool (scaling - I think since built.)

    I have what i think might be calcium scaling inmy new pool. I have tried lots of chemicals and nothing has gotten rid of it. I have tried an SOS pad and scrubbed it and gotten it smoother but it still feels a bit like sand paper and looks like little bubbles on the sides of the pool.

    What do i do to get rid of it?

    Thanks in advance!!
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    Re: HELP New Pool (scaling - I think since built.)

    Here is one more pic.. Mainly on the walls... when origially brushing the plaster 3-4 times a days when pool was installed In JAN.

    I would brush really hard and got most of this stuff off but it seemd to be there from the 1 st week or so.
    Pools is 6 months old

    approx 13K gallons 15x30 lagoon style pool 3' shallow and 7' deep end.
    rock style pool with waterfall.
    I seem to have to add about a 1/4 to 1/2 Gal acid weekly to keep my PH down. It was a bit high one week or so over the winter.

    Thanks again for all your help!!!
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    Re: HELP New Pool (scaling - I think since built.)

    Can you post all chemistry levels?

    Also, what plaster did you get?

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    Re: HELP New Pool (scaling - I think since built.)

    To avoid scaling you have to maintain careful water balance, paying particular attention to TA and never allowing pH to get high. These and your calcium level all play into the CSI (Calcium Saturation Index). Post your water test results and we can suggest ways to get the water balanced.
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    Re: HELP New Pool (scaling - I think since built.)

    CH .08
    TCH .08
    PH 7.1
    ALK 86
    CYA 52

    Salt 2200 ( I added 2 bags of salt per the pool place)
    I have been using strips and drop tests to make sure I am in the correct levels evey other day.

    Current strip just tested says (good guess since it is not the drop kit.) I do that about once a week.
    TH - about 500ppm
    TCH - 2
    Free CH - 2
    PH 7.4
    ALK 80
    CYA 50

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    Re: HELP New Pool (scaling - I think since built.)

    You have posted total hardness. However, we need calcium hardness to determine the saturation index.

    What is the highest that your TA and pH have been?

    What color is your plaster supposed to be?

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    Re: HELP New Pool (scaling - I think since built.)

    I don't know if the test kit that came with my pool tests the total hardness?
    I looked on my pool records and I don't see it there either? The ALK says with adjustment.

    I think my PH was at or just above 8 at the highest. I added a bucket of calcium per the pool place where i had the pool installed.
    Did everything as they told me to do from the start.

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    Re: HELP New Pool (scaling - I think since built.)

    plaster is a dark gray with a hint of blue.

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    Re: HELP New Pool (scaling - I think since built.)

    You do need to test often and never use the strips. Most here use the TF100 kit. Also, go to Pool School and read all about water testing and chemicals. It may seem daunting at first but it will become second nature.
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