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Thread: DOG POOP?

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    i have been letting my dog swim in the pool lately .. and outside of some dog hair i haven't had any issues

    turns out she is very talented and has the ability to swim and poop at the same time

    any suggestions? .... i scooped it out as soon as i saw it

    my FC was 6.5 to start the day and i figured i was at 4.0 plus when it happened ...... immediately added enough bleach to go up 4.0 ppm and that is where i stand

    if i wait 30+- minutes to let the chlorine work am i ok?? we have a big party going on and lots of swimmers

    i'll keep em out if need be??
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    Re: DOG POOP?

    Here are the CDC recommendations for HUMAN feces in the pool: ... ations.pdf

    A quick google search showed that dog feces has a lot of the same bacteria/pathogens in their stool as humans do.

    Two big issues:
    1) Was it a formed stool or diarrhea?
    2) What is your CYA level? It will dramatically effect your disinfection time and amount of chlorine you should add.

    If it were me, I would get my chlorine level up now to something just below shock level and do more research while you wait for the chlorine to do its thing.
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    Re: DOG POOP?

    The bacteria are killed quickly so really the only thing to worry about would be any protozoan oocysts so the link Matt gave is very appropriate. See this link regarding Crypto and animals -- dogs can have it though it's unlikely. This link shows that dogs can also have Giardia, though again it's unlikely. While you can eliminate most Giardia in some hours, you're pretty much toast if you got Crypto into the pool since it is highly chlorine resistant. Since you've got CYA in the water, the CDC guidelines for that don't apply -- to get the equivalent of 10 ppm FC with no CYA you'd have to raise your FC to be around 10 ppm higher than the CYA level and I wouldn't bother doing that. If you truly did have Crypto in the water and wanted to get rid of it, I'd create 2 ppm chlorine dioxide on-site overnight (12 hours) by using sodium chlorite, but again I think it's very unlikely you'll need to do that.
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