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Thread: Stubborn Brown (Scale?) Staining

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    Stubborn Brown (Scale?) Staining

    This Spring, for the first time, I had brown, sandpaper rough to the touch, stains on the vinyl liner and fibreglass stairs. I am having very slow success by rubbing with a terrycloth rag over and over, but this will be a LONG task this way. I suspect that the water went out of balance after closing last year and the late start to winter allowed the water to do this staining before freezing. Stains are predominantly located at or within 6 inches of where the wall meets the bottom and corners and crevices on the stairs. I've probably removed 70% of the darkest stains, but there is still much remnant left behind.

    I have used chlorine for the past 10 years and last week switched to a Hayward SWG and added an AquaPro 112,000 BTU heat pump. Neither of these changes had any bearing on the stains which were there already. The SWG is set at 40% and water temp at 89F. Pool chemistry is near-perfect, so I know that I am not adding any scale, but perfect water unfortunately doesn't seem to help remove the scale that is there.

    I was considering the use of a pressure washer for the stairs, but not sure how effective it would be underwater since draining or dramtically lowering the water level is a last resort. For the vinyl, I have no ideas other than scrubbing with a cloth.

    Here's the current chemistry:

    FC - 3
    CC - 0
    pH - 7.6
    TA - 90
    CH - 240
    CYA - 25
    Salt - 3200
    Temp - 89F

    Water is crystal clear and beautiful and is staying that way. Required little effort at startup. Needed only shock and 2 pounds of pH minus.

    Hoping for a solution!
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    Re: Stubborn Brown (Scale?) Staining

    I agree that your current numbers would suggest you shouldn't be adding to the scale, if it is scale, which it sounds like. That doesn't mean that in the past your chemistry is what it is today. Could you post a picture or 2 of it?
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