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Thread: Just got Intex Krystal Clear SWG AG pool - No Chlorine Help

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    Just got Intex Krystal Clear SWG AG pool - No Chlorine Help

    We just set up our new Intex Ultra Frame 16' x 48" above ground pool. We live in south Louisiana. This is our first pool, and we are not sure what we are doing wrong. The capacity on this pool is 5061 gallons, so we added 125 lbs of Diamond Crystal premium pool salt and ran the filter pump for 24 hours straight as the manual said. Then we ran the SWG for 2 hours like the manual said. The included Intex test strips read 0 copper, 0.2 FC and high pH (8.0 - 8.5), so we added 1 lb of HTH Salt Pool Care 3-in-1 pool startup because it was the only thing we could find at Walmart with cyanuric acid. We then ran the SWG on Boost for 8 hours and tested again - same results. Next we ran the SWG overnight on Boost for 8 hours and tested again this morning - same results. Right now we don't know what is going on. The SWG looks like it is working properly, and we are not getting any errors or low salt indicators. We have had the pool filled since last Thursday and the water looks clear (not crystal clear), and I am afraid that if we don't get the levels right soon we are going to start having algae or something. We don't have anything to test for salinity or any of the other things that you recommended reporting. We want our kids to be able to swim sometime soon, but right now we don't know if the pool is safe. Water safety is important to us because our son is on an immune suppressing medicine (Remicade) to treat Crohn's disease.

    After reading the back of the HTH Salt Pool Care bag this morning, it said that it contains 77% cyanuric acid and 23% other including clarifiers and something to prevent metal staining. Now I am concerned because our Intex Krystal Clear Pump/SWG combo unit generates copper to prevent algae, and I am wondering if the HTH chemicals that I added will counteract the copper that is being generated. If anyone has had any experience with this particular pool/pump system, I would really appreciate some advice.

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    Re: Just got Intex Krystal Clear SWG AG pool - No Chlorine H

    Run your SWCG and pump more, and add bleach to supplement the chlorine until it catches up.
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    Re: Just got Intex Krystal Clear SWG AG pool - No Chlorine H

    Sorry for not responding sooner. We followed your suggestion and ran the SWG for about 12 hours straight. We also added about 10 lbs more salt. It finally started making chlorine and the water has been clear. Thanks again for your help.

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