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Thread: "Safer" Muriatic Acid

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    "Safer" Muriatic Acid

    I just went to the big box store and bought Muriatic acid. I didnt' look at the lable that closely - i just saw Muriatic Acid and grabbed it. When i got home i noticed it's says it has 90% lower fumes than standard muriatic acid. i can't find anywhere on the label that shows the stregth. is this ok to use? anybody used it before and know what strenth it is?

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    Re: "Safer" Muriatic Acid

    Quite a bit lower. I can not recall if there are also other ingredients. Do a quick search of the forums.

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    Re: "Safer" Muriatic Acid

    Muriatic Acid is Muriatic Acid...Just be careful opening&pouring in...Be careful not to splash on cloth's,yourself..Make sure to wash hand's,arm's,etc off when done.
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    Re: "Safer" Muriatic Acid

    Muriatic Acid comes in different strengths. It is very difficult to calculate what level you might have. I would return and it get the regular stuff. As long as you're careful pouring it'll be fine.
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    Re: "Safer" Muriatic Acid

    Dont know the exact number, but it is definately not as strong as the "regular" stuff. I sent DH on a trip to get some and he brought home the Safer stuff. I figured it was the same thing. Usually it takes a half jug to knock my pool back in line, I used the entire jug and still didnt work. I went back and bought a jug of the kind I had before and it worked like usual. It has to be a weaker strength.
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    Re: "Safer" muriatic acid

    Take a picture of the bottle if you can and post... try to get a clear picture of the labels.
    If you ask, the store you purchased the product at will usually provide you with an MSDS or you can often find one at the manufacturer's website... this will be helpful as usually in section 2 there is a list of ingredients usually listing the amount of each present.

    As said muriatic acid is muriatic acid; however, I've been looking at these so called "safer versions" and I am finding that they often are a weaker solution and some have other additives like urea, citric acid, and other junk that might cause issues with the water balance. I asked about such a product here: this stuff has right on the label that it's good for use in pools... and the comments I received in my query here were enough to make me take a much closer look at the stuff offered in the stores and to take a pass the safer stuff I was looking at on the shelf.

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