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Thread: well water is high in iron and copper

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    well water is high in iron and copper

    I wanted to share something with everyone like me who fights with high metals, my well is high in iron and copper. After much trial and error, more error I think, I finally figured out how to keep them from getting into the pool in the first place. First let me start by saying we refilled our pool this year and started with an iron count over 4 and spent weeks trying every "trick" at getting it out or oxidated, needless to say we ended up with brown water. The best advice I can give there is get yourself a sand filter, we replaced our 3 year old cartridge filter set up with sand last weekend and what a huge difference it made, my iron count is down to 0 and my copper is almost there too after a week of changing filters and using pool recomended metal out. BUT needing to top off the pool again I was desperate and panicked that all the progress made would go to waste so I did some research and came up with a system. 1st I put a clean filter in my whole house system and used a line that ran from there, 2nd I purchased a hose line water filter used for camping and filled a sock with pillow stuffing and some pool sand and zip tied it to the end of the camper filter. Attached this to my hose and let the water run directly into my pool skimmer with the filter on. Put 3 inches of water into my 15x 30 pool and the iron and copper count barely moved!

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    Re: well water is high in iron and copper

    I would suspect a testing error or change in your water. Iron that is in soluble form in water cannot be mechanically filtered out.

    You can precipitate it out (as you have done) and even oxidize some of it after it has precipitated but it can only be removed from the water by a chemical reaction and not physically removing it.
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    Re: well water is high in iron and copper

    I agree with duraleigh. In terms of measuring a change in metal concentrations, most likely 3/48= ~6.25% would not be noticeable on most metal tests. Did you get any slight tinting? For me the key is to chlorinate and then I get precipitation that can still be suspended in the water, and therefore filtered out normally. You and I seem to be a couple of the lucky few.
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