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Thread: pool cover key

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    pool cover key

    So this morning I am having my daughter help me get everything ready for swimming, I tell her to go turn the key to uncover on our cover pools pool cover, well apperntatly she has been exercising to much and she broke the key. SO my question is where can I get a replacment key? I sent an email to cover-pools in SLC, but I was hoping to use the pool on Monday. I checked the local hardware stores and they dont have anything that would work. Do I just wait for a response?
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    Re: pool cover key

    If you don't have a spare you're likely going to have wait. If you are, or know, an electrician the switch can be bypassed and the cover can be opened.
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    Re: pool cover key

    that's what I was thinking I was going to put a 2 way switch in. My wife really likes the key so that neighbors and/or family cant use it while we are gone though
    36,000 gal. Cartidge filter, IG (inground), it is a gunite pool. Only had pool for 4 months, but it is 7 years old

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    Re: pool cover key

    I am assuming that this is a regular keyed electrical switch like one used to find with garage doors and some alarm systems, if so, call the LOCK SMITH!!
    They have tools that will usually allow them to extract the broken key!
    With the extracted part, a GOOD lock smith should be able to cut you a new key... simple, reallllllllllly simple to do, provided they have the key blank.
    Next, they may actually have a replacement if they also install garage-doors or alarm systems - or they may be able to smoke a key for you (some of them have no idea about how to blind cut a key, they should, covered in every locksmith training course I've ever read).

    I've done this with a few keyed-switched instruments in the lab (actually, with the tools I have in the lab, I pull the key myself and take it to them for a re-cut - but it take a lot of patience and practice to extract the key!) (that's why I have the locksmith training... never figured a chemist would need to know... I also have electrical and plumbing, go figure)

    My late-Grandpa used to just pull, braze the two parts back together, and clear the key-way on the key when his would break.
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    Re: pool cover key

    Is there a number on the key or on the lock? If so post it here or send me a PM, I may have one to copy. I do this often on a camper forum I visit. There's a good chance it's a common key used in more than one application.

    Wetchem is 100% on the mark. A locksmith should have very little trouble getting you back in business. Part of what I do for a living includes some locksmithing.
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    Re: pool cover key

    I'd try to look at the switch. It may be easily removable so you could take it to a locksmith for a new key. If the switch only has two wires going to it, most likely shorting them together will allow you to operate, but it might be best to have somebody who knows what they are doing with electricity to take a look first.
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    Re: pool cover key

    I lost my key last year-I called the pool builder and half hour and $10.00 later, I had my key. One key fits all??
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