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Thread: Learned (learning) my lesson on brushing pool...

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    Learned (learning) my lesson on brushing pool...

    Well, I feel sheepish admitting this, but here goes: We've had some algae lately and I've been shocking but not brushing every day. I'm 7 months pregnant and my husband is extremely busy, so I've just let it go. Well, I ALMOST passed the OCLT this morning (missed it by .5). This afternoon I decided to just do the best I could with brushing because even though we almost passed, the algae was still on the walls of the pool. I brushed what I could and added a decent bit of bleach. After testing the water not long after I saw quite a loss of chlorine - more than to be expected after adding the bleach I did. So I added more and had my husband brush the deep end (the part I can't do with a big ol' belly!) really good. Did my final test tonight for the OCLT process and saw the same thing - the bleach I added to get us up to our shock level didn't do the trick. I've decided to skip the OCLT tonight, added enouch bleach to bring us to shock level and tomorrow I'll brush the pool more and do the OCLT tomorrow night.

    Point of my writing this is I think I've learned. I read in another post somewhere that the algae builds up a protective layer against chlorine when it's on the walls of the pool. My husband was getting disheartened about the BBB method due to us still seeing algae in the pool...but now I think we both "get it" - that if we don't brush, the bleach added essentially does nothing to the algae, and that's why the algae wasn't "going away," and also why we were able to almost pass the OCLT when still seeing algae in the pool. The algae sitting on the walls doesn't seem to affect the chlorine levels, while the algae that is brushed into the pool eats up the chlorine because it's then that the chlorine can kill the algae, thus affecting chlorine levels.

    If I'm still not getting it properly, please let me know. Otherwise, I'm glad to have learned this (even though the hard way) and will plan to brush the pool to the best of my ability when my husband isn't able to, and then get him to do a better job whenever he is free. Why isn't there a robot type of thing we can buy to brush the pool? That'd be nice!
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    Re: Learned (learning) my lesson on brushing pool...

    As you have learned, brushing is very important when you have an algae bloom. This is also why we tell folks to check behind light niches and ladders. You should see things clear up soon now that you have started brushing.
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    Re: Learned (learning) my lesson on brushing pool...

    Uh...I think they make something that will brush the pool.. I think it's called "A Robot"!! I have a great and saves me a ton of time!!
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    Re: Learned (learning) my lesson on brushing pool...

    I use a robot...and sadly enough found myself in the same spot today. Found some green on the walls around the ladder. Nothing beats some good old elbow grease to clean things up. I'm guessing about 100% of the board don't brush their pool's don't get down on yourself.

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    Re: Learned (learning) my lesson on brushing pool...

    Hi, Dana,

    That really is a great "lesson learned" post. The same thing finally hit me after I had my pool a couple of years and wasn't brushing like I should. When you stir things up, the chlorine (and algae) really get consumed and your pool becomes pristine again.

    I notice newbies on the forum that have visible junk on the floor of the pool but are reluctant to brush it up because it clouds up the water.....Yikes!
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