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Thread: Intex Pump Upgrade help!

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    Intex Pump Upgrade help!

    Hey guys! I know you get this alot but here goes.
    I recently purchased a 12' pool from Wally world. The same size and type as my friend who purchased one months ago before summer time. Here is my issue. We both have the skimmer built in the side of the pool but his takes a long filter and mine is this tiny little "E" filter. I have to wash 2 times a day just to keep it flowing. I would like to find an alternative to this tiny filter element. I read people replace it with different more cleanable brands of filters but this is not what i want. I would like a larger or even external pump with some gusto but $$$ is tight this summer. Im confused because if it only had a port i could find one but now that the new pool has a huge square skimmer and funky pump on the bottom.

    Someone shed some light please?
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    Re: Intex Pump Upgrade help!

    Welcome to the forum!!!

    Your best bet will be to buy a new pump/filter combo (sand or cartridge). It will do a much better job of filtering and if you get an Intex model it will come with the adapters you need to connect the hose from your existing pump (which will now just serve as a pass-thru for the water in your skimmer, take the old filter out) to the new pump/filter and then back to your return.

    I plan on working up a mod to remove the old pump from the equation, but work and my boat have been keeping me pretty busy this summer.....
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    Re: Intex Pump Upgrade help!

    Well i was thinking the same thing. Get a larger more powerfull system and just modifying the the outlet from the skummer but its a weird connector.
    Can someone tell me the best size for the pool? I want a large element for longer times between cleaning but the GPH or HP would be helpfull in finding a new pump.
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    Re: Intex Pump Upgrade help!

    Which 12' pool do you have (blowup, frame) and how deep is it?
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    Re: Intex Pump Upgrade help!

    Summer escapes 12' x36"
    I thought intex was the manufacture but it's actually
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